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Plastic Model Mojo Podcast:

The Dr. Strangebrush Files Volume 7:
Let’s be Clear!

Mike and Dave, a.k.a the Bourbon Brothers had me on the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast to discuss techniques for dealing with canopies and other clear parts. We had some fun! The discussion started with a safe approach for removing the clear part from the sprue then moved on to techniques for removing scratches (fine to deep) using tools that constitute an “abrasive spectrum.” Along the way we discuss dipping clear parts into a clear coat and tricks for gluing clear parts without getting fogging or crazing. Somehow, we also touch on an easy way to make Mr. Color Leveling Thinner (a.k.a. Unicorn tears) even more magical. That’s a lot of stuff!!

A break down of the conversation with time points is provided below:


01:13:20——-Information on “Models of Ukraine Volume-II”
Note: Proceeds from this effort go to humanitarian aid for Ukraine
Website to purchase Volume-II


01:16:00——-The Canopy/Clear Part: Make or Break of a Model?

01:18:00——Removing Clear Parts from the Sprue

01:22:30——Imperfections than Can and Can’t be Fixed

01:25:00—–No Scratches? Time for a Dip!

01:36:45—–Dealing with Small Scratches

01:47:10—–Scratches so Deep, It Hurts to Look at Them

01:50:30—–Always Use Cold Soapy Water

01:52:00—–Masking Canopies: Some Basic Considerations

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