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Plastic Model Mojo Podcast; Episode 49: Revenge of Dr. Strangebrush—Listeners Airbrushing Questions Answered

Mike and Dave, the Mojo Brothers had me on again to answer questions on painting and airbrushing previously submitted by Mojo listeners. As usual, we had a lot of fun and hopefully in the process answered a broad range of questions on airbrushing that ranged from Fine-Lining Vallejo (Color Vs Air) to compressor tank maintenance.

Here’s a link to the podcast:


Below are the approximate times and questions covered.

00:39:20---One Brush for Lacquers, One Brush for Acrylics? Submitted by Paul Wheeler.
00:44:50---What are Some Tips for Changing from Lacquers to Acrylics? Submitted by Jacob Gavin
00:54:50---What's the Difference Between Paint Retarder and Flow Enhancer? Submitted by Nick Andrews
00:58:00---How Do You Lubricate Your Airbrush? Submitted by "Joel Makes Things"
01:03:00---How to Fine-Line Vallejo Color Versus Vallejo Air? Submitted by Adam Grifiin
01:11:05---How to Deal with Moisture in the Compressor Tank? Submitted by Gene Dubey and Michael Dasy
01:16:30---Can UV Light be Used to Cure Acrylic Paints? Submitted by Daren Ramirez
01:22:40---Do You Completely Clean Between Colors; Even when Going from Lightest to Darkest? Submitted by X
01:25:00---How to Clean After Metallics? Submitted by the Mojo Brothers
01:33:45---How to Formulate Home-Brewed Thinners?  Submitted by Don Gilman
01:38:25---How to Shoot Italian Smoke Rings? Submitted by Stefano Orsi
00:01:45---Model Paint Solutions News and Update
00:50:45---Review of Snoop Dog's new Wine...................

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