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Breguet 27

by Mike Grant


Breguet 27


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This is my Azur 1/72 scale Breguet 27. When I saw the box artwork for this kit I had to have one.  



After an unsuccessful fight with Azur's Loire 130 (its vertically split, ill-fitting vac-form canopy finally did me in) I was dubious about what to expect, but the Breguet turned out to be a lovely little kit.  





The cockpit is crammed with resin parts, but no alignment guides whatsoever.  Don't try and judge where the parts go using the instruction sheet illustrations - they are hopelessly out-of-proportion.  Lots of dry-fitting is required, but everything does fit in a logical sequence.  Don't stick anything to the sidewalls until you know exactly where everything goes- I speak from experience...


After that it's straightforward enough, with one exception.  The windscreen is vac-formed and split vertically in two parts.  Ensure that the two halves are exactly the same height when cut, because the upper wing rests on the top.  Any slight anomaly in the two halves and the wing won't sit parallel to the ground.  I also ended up making the centre-fuselage struts from sprue, but only because I cut the kit parts to the wrong size.


Three decal options are given, and go on beautifully, even over the wing ribs.


Model, Images and Text Copyright 2002 by Mike Grant
Page Created 18 October, 2002
Last Updated 04 June, 2007

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