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David Doyle Books News
February 2024


Dear Friends,

Denise and I both hope you are having a great day today.

Last week we said we'd have "big" book news this week - and we do!  The biggest news is that due to the overwhelming remand we've decided to do a very limited edition reprint of our huge 1018-page US Dodge book!  This book has been out of print for almost ten years, and is past-due to be reissued. For the 2024 edition we have made some corrections and additions to the prior volume - those changes being based on additional research, plus the discovery of a few outright errors in the earlier printing.  The new books are expected in late May, and we need to let the printer know SOON how many to print.  To be sure and get a copy click this link to RESERVE NOW!

IMPORTANT - when making a book reservation (or registering for our $100 book giveaway) - you MUST check the box "sign up for news and updates" - else we are prohibited from letting you know your reserved book has arrived (or letting you know if you won the drawing).

Speaking of reservations, the reservation window for the reprint of the expanded Son of Sherman will be closing soon - don't miss this great book either.

We are pleased to say that since our last newsletter we've received major restocks and expanded selections of Panzer Tracts and Schiffer books.  We also are expecting the new Ginter C-119 Flying Boxcar book by the end of the week. Because of our schedule, in a departure from our normal practice, we are accepting orders for these books now - but they won't ship until later in the week.

In recognition of Valentine's Day we are offering a special deal - we are giving away our 5722 Valentine tank Walk Around free with purchase over $60.  To take advantage of this offer, simply make your purchase of $60 or more, then during checkout put in the discount code VALENTINES.  This will trigger a .01 discount on your order - and seeing that discount will be the trigger for us to put a copy of the Valentine Walk Around in your box.  Do NOT order the book (unless you want to pay for it!) - just seeing the discount code will tell us to put a copy in.  Limit one free copy per customer, offer expires at midnight Friday 16 February, or when we run out of 5722s, whichever occurs first.

This year two important occasions fall on February 14.  Of course, it is Valentines Day - a day to celebrate that special person in your life.  I am honored to share this day (and my life) with Denise, who gives me great joy and truly is my better half.

In addition, this year, Ash Wednesday falls on February 14. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent, the six weeks leading up to Easter. Members of many Christian denominations, including ours, attend special services today.  (The name Ash Wednesday comes from the tradition of marking a cross, in ash, on the forehead of participants.)

Because we will have plans to celebrate our love - as well as worship - we won't be shipping today.  But we will pick up on packing tomorrow.

In closing, we'd like to apologize to our friends in the Atlanta area.   It seems that late last year we booked space at the show.  Well, between moving, trying to catch up on the book manuscripts that I am behind on, unpacking the many incoming books (and perhaps my advancing age) - we simply forgot we'd book space at the show this past weekend!  We are sorry for letting down the hard-working show organizers and our many friends that had expected to see us there.

We hope all of you have a happy Valentines Day and Blessed Ash Wednesday.


David and Denise Doyle