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Bartek Belcarz Illness


The co-founder, owner, and author of our publishing house needs support in his fight against illness. Hence, this fundraiser was set up on the initiative of his Family, friends and close acquaintances.

Bartek Belcarz is a husband, father, grandfather, friend, teacher, aviation history enthusiast, and author of many books on this subject - we could list his roles endlessly. For us, he is a wonderful person whom we love, like, and respect very much, so we will do everything within our power to fight for him.

At the beginning of the year, Bartek was diagnosed with grade IV glioblastoma (GBM) (multiform glioblastoma/malignant brain tumour). In March, he underwent surgery to remove the tumour. Currently, he is undergoing radio and chemotherapy at the Oncology Centre in Bydgoszcz. Over a month after the operation, we received news that a second tumour had appeared next to the previous one. This is not good news.

However, there is hope for help. Dr hab. Maciej Harat informed us about the effective Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields; Novocure, GmbH) device and qualified Bartek as a person who could use TTFields for GBM therapy. In simpler terms – therapy involving the use of a device that allows for the effective halt of the development of cancer cells. Unfortunately, it turned out that the enrolment for the free programme had ended, and this programme is not refunded in Poland. The current cost of such treatment is 21,000 EUR + VAT per month, which is the main barrier to starting therapy, insurmountable alone. Therefore, we appeal to you for help in fighting for his health.


Robert P?czkowski