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British Military Air Arm Update Set Part 2

On Target Decals

Air-Graphic Models, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Air-Graphic Models Item No. AIR72-024 - British Military Air Arm Update Set Part 2



Contents and Media:

Two decal decal sheets; A5 booklet of 24 pages.


GBP£25.00 incl. shipping from Air-Graphics' website

GBP£29.25 EU Price (£24.38 Export Price) plus shipping available online from Hannants' website

Review Type:

First Look


Beautifully printed decals, with great register, colour and minimal carrier film, excellent instruction booklet.


None noted apart from the very tight zip-lock bag.


If the modern RAF and its colourful commemorative schemes is your thing then this double sheet of fun is for you! Highly recommended for its quality and variety of schemes.

Reviewed by Graham Carter

F i r s t L o o k


Another impressive addition to add schemes and markings to modern RAF aircraft ( and one vehicle!). The sheet and instructions arrive in a zip-lock clear envelope which seems to be a trifle too small for the contents as it is very easy to rip it when trying to retrieve the contents. 



There are two large decal sheets featuring the main markings for each aircraft ( with a note to indicate that all common stencils and airframe markings should be obtained from the donor kits ). All markings are beautifully printed with great colour and density and the register is just amazing, with the tiniest of multi-coloured squadron badges in perfect alignment. The eighteen gold and coloured badges on the Puma, each of them 2x1.5mm in size, are miraculous! Well done Air Graphics! All of the rather complex cheat lines are provided as multi-part lines.  Decals are on a blue backing sheet to make finding paler items easier.



The 24-page A5 instruction booklet is in full colour and gives four-views of each subject, annotated with colour notes, a recommended kit to use and any additional items required, mostly from Air Graphics own selection of conversion parts. It is centre-stapled so that it can be laid out flat. Colours are by name and no paint manufacturers are listed. There are three pages of colour photos of the aircraft represented in the decals ( some of these are a wee bit small to be really useful) and one page of instructions for the application of the decals themselves with some helpful hints in applying them. 



There are sixteen aircraft represented as follows:

  • 3 Squadron Typhoon 2012

  • 11 Squadron Typhoon 2015

  • 12 Squadron FGR4 and T4 Typhoons 2023

  • Shadow R1 2021-2023

  • Shadow R2 2023 

  • C-130J Hercules C4 Retirement Scheme 2023

  • 32 Squadron Agusta A-109E

  • 100 Squadron Hawk Retirement Scheme 2022

  • 208 Squadron Hawk WWI Commemorative Scheme 2105

  • 617 Squadron F-35B Lightning II 2023

  • 1 Fts Tucano T.1 2017 RAF Association Special

  • Puma HC.2 230 Squadron Union Jack Tail 2022

  • Puma HC.2 84 Squadron 2023

  • AAC Agusta A109A Special Forces Yellow Scheme

  • AAC Agusta A109A Special Forces white and blue striped Scheme

and a bonus ' Schopf F59 Tractor for the Red Arrows, a kit that is available from Air Graphics.


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Most of the aircraft are in colourful additional commemorative markings and will add a touch of colour to any collection of modern RAF equipment; the Tucano, Agustas and Beechcraft Shadows in particular will be very eye-catching. As such and given the quality of the production, these sheets are highly commended to those of you with an interest in modern RAF aircraft.

Thanks to Air-Graphic Models for the sample.

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