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F-104 Starfighter
A Story Told In Miniatures


by Spencer Pollard



In 2021 I released a book dedicated to the Starfighter family and how to model it in miniature. Popular at the time, my limited-edition book sold out very quickly and has not been available since the last copies were snapped up by modellers, eager to get their hands on a copy.

Three years on, I thought it was about time that the book was reprinted for those who missed out on a copy the first time around, or may not have been aware of my models and the book that created following their completion. If you are in either camp and would like a copy of this in-depth modeller’s guide to the amazing Starfighter, now’s your chance!


F-104 Starfighter – A Story Told In Miniatures

Comprising 72 pages, this in-depth guide is printed on glossy paper with high production values. My book clearly guides the modeller through everything that they need to construct and paint this very popular aircraft in a number of different scales. Open the covers and you will find in-depth features on the Matchbox 1/72 TF-104G; the Monogram 1/48 F-104G; the Hasegawa 1/48 F-104C and TF-104G; the much-vaunted Kinetic F-104G and finally, an extended look at the very impressive Italeri 1/32 TF-104G. You will also find a walk-round of Bruntingthorpe’s exhibit, as well as full-sized images taken as the aircraft was retired from Italian service.

Each chapter offers plenty of construction and painting tips, with easy to follow ideas that will help you to build this aircraft from the aforementioned kits, for your collection. But more than that, the ideas and thoughts offered will also be of use should you not only want to build other kits of this family of aircraft, but also, if you just want some ideas for other models of similar design and vintage. It’s all there!

Here are some of the pages from this exciting modelling guide:


  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
  • Spencer Pollard F-104 BOOK PREVIEW: Image
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First things, first. This book is being printed only to order, so if you would like a copy this is you chance to get one. I won’t be overprinting the book, so will not holding large stocks of it to sell later on. There may be a couple of spare copies down the line, but that’s it. Grab it whilst you can!

As with previous titles, this one is being created as a strictly limited-run product and as before, the price reflects this. Many of you will already have the other books in your collections so — hopefully — will know what this means in terms of quality and how enjoyable it is to own something that’s rather niche in its approach!


UK Orders including postage and packing: £24.50 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/24.50

Europe Orders including postage and packing: £29.50 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/29.50

Rest Of World including postage and packing: £35.50 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/35.50



When using the Paypal links, please can you ensure that you leave your full name and postal address so that I can complete my ordering list ready to have the books sent out to you.

If you need to contact me about anything to do with the book, place an order, or have any other questions, please either leave a message here, or contain me using my email address:


Thank you all so much for you support with this project and for taking the time to read this update. I hope that you enjoy the book when it arrives and hope that you all have a wonderful day. Thanks so much!

Spencer Pollard, January 2024.


Thanks to Spencer Pollard for the information and images

Review Text and Images Copyright 2023 by Spencer Pollard
Page Created 2 June, 2023
Last updated 1 February, 2024

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