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Agena-Gambit (Keyhole 7) Satellite

Designed to add to the Horizon Models SM-65D AtlasICBM kit ( #2001)

Nautilus Models, 1/72 scale

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Nautilus Models Kit No. 2005 - Agena-Gambit (Keyhole 7) Satellite Designed to add to the Horizon Models SM-65D AtlasICBM kit ( #2001)



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USD25.00 available online from Nautilus Models

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First Look.


With only two parts, this is simplicity itself. Instructions are clear and easy to use. Very stout packaging.


Just take care with cutting the casting blocks off due to the dust issue.


An interesting conversion/addition to an existing kit that will attract modellers of rockets or those with an interest in remote data collection. Recommended.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



Designed to add to the Horizon Models SM-65D AtlasICBM kit ( #2001).



This one had me intrigued, as it arrived in a very strong cardboard box with no external markings. Occupying about a quarter of the internal space is a bubble-wrapped pair of solid resin columns, an instruction sheet and a mass of foam worms to stop it all rattling around too much. The castings are very nicely done with no bubbles and only a couple of small rough protrusions that will need sanding smooth. The casting blocks are small enough but will need careful removal with a saw, remembering to take especial care with dust due its carcinogenic nature. Also remember to wash the parts well before applying paint.



The clear A4 instruction sheet describes how the top, Gambit KH-7 satellite part fits into the Agena-D Booster and this then provides a payload for the Horizon kit rocket. Their alignment is described in depth. My concern is that the two resin pieces will be rather heavy additions on top so the rocket will need a firm mounting or else it will easily topple over!



Painting instructions and a few colour photos on the sheet show the black and white panels of the real thing. A search of the ether will surely come up with some detailed images. The sheet mentions that there is a real Agena/Gambit on display at the USAF Museum at Daytona, Ohio. From Wikipedia I found that “the KH-7 (Air Force Program 206) was a reconnaissance satellite used by the United States from July 1963 to June 1967. Like the older CORONA system, it acquired imagery intelligence by taking photographs and returning the undeveloped film to earth. It achieved a typical ground-resolution of 0.61m to 0.91m (2 ft x 3 ft). The details of the program were declassified in 2011” How things have changed in half a century!





The simplicity of the parts will make this quick and easy conversion to the Horizon Atlas model and add some interest to your collection. Recommended to those of you with an interest in rocketry or data collection technology.

Thanks to Nautilus Models for the review sample.

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