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Fleet Phantoms VII


Bullseye Model Aviation, 1/48 scale

P r e v i e w


Bullseye Model Aviation presents details of their next 1/48 scale releases.

This is what's at print now, ought to be a few weeks before release...

These will be exclusively available in the USA from Sprue Brothers and elsewhere internationally from The 48ers:

48-032 is the 7th in a series of USN F-4 sheets, this time covering 5 F-4J MiG killers.



FINALLY a VF-96 jet that isn't "Showtime 100", included is the double MiG kill jet of Matt Connelly and Tom Blonski, "SHOWTIME 106". The incredible story of Curt Dose's MiG kill while supersonic scant feet from the ground just barely over Kep Airfield is one of the greatest feats of the war. His jet "SILVERKITE 211" now has accurate markings available.



DAKOTA 201 was the MiG-21 kill mount of the first TOPGUN graduate to shoot down a MiG, Jerry Beaulier and RIO Stephen J. Barkley. East Coast jets are covered by Sam Flynn and William John's gorgeous VF-31 MiG kill jet BANDWAGON 106", Roy Cash and Joseph E. Kain's VF-33 MiG-21 killer "ROOTBEER 212" and VF-102's Emory Brown and Don Manlove's jet from their fight with MiG-21s that resulted in Brown flying RESCAP over his downed CO with a flak damaged jet, having shot 2 missiles at attacking MiGs.



There is speculation regarding whether or not Brown scored a kill that day. He went on to command VF-84 in F-14s and his jet features prominently in the movie The Final Countdown.

These ought to be ready for order in a couple of weeks.



Information and images provided by Bullseye Model Aviation

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