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Decal Preview

Hi-Decal, 1/48 scale



Hi-Decal has announced a timely new decal sheet that will be available in 1/48 scale:

With the announced release of Trumpeters' Mi-4A Hound kit in 1/48 scale, we are now working a decal sheet covering some interesting schemes for the military version of this versatile classic Soviet helicopter:

HD48037 Mil Mi-4A Hound

  1. Cuban Air Force, in dark green / black / sand camouflage scheme

  2. Cuban Air Force, in dark green / mid green / sand camouflage scheme

  3. Polish Air Force, in dark green /ochre / grey camouflage scheme

  4. Yugoslav Air Force in dark green / sea grey / PRU blue camouflage

  5. East German Air Force, in dark green / brown camouflage scheme

  6. East German Navy, in dark green / light blue, with big "ship number"

  7. Indonesian Army, in mid green overall

  8. Indonesian Air Force, in dark green / yellow high visibility scheme

  9. Afghan Air Force, in dark green / light blue

This decal sheet is scheduled for January/ February 2023.

We will have images of the decal sheet and the instructions closer to release.

Thanks to HiDecal for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright 2022 by Hi-Decal
Page Created 25 November, 2022
Last updated 25 November, 2022

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