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Vulcan Decals


fundekals, 1/72 scale


Fundekals has sent the latest information about this latest release:

Fündekals is pleased to announce the availability of our newly revised and reissued 1/72 Avro Vulcan sheet.  Our previous version was one of our best selling decals, so with the advent of the beautiful new Airfix Vulcan, we decided it was time to dust it off, make some improvements, and get it back out there!

Since Airfix provides decent stencils on the kit decal, we decided to forego those in favor of some additional items we didn’t include last time on our sheet.  We also took the opportunity to take advantage of Cartograf’s ability to print amazingly detailed 1200 dpi offset. Take a close look at the RAF squadron badges on this sheet and your jaw will drop!  We’ve added in a few items we didn’t include last time, fixed a couple of minor problems, and made some improvements across the board.  

While we can’t claim you can build any Vulcan that ever existed from this sheet, you can come pretty close!  Every operational squadron is represented, with multiple variations in the squadron specific markings covering the entire life of the squadron. Lots of zaps and special competition markings, as well as the “kill” markings carried by one of the Black Buck airplanes in the Falklands War.  Both anti-flash white and camouflaged airplanes are catered for, with enough serials to allow any Vulcan (including some of the B.1s) to be modeled.  

As usual, the decals are printed by Cartograf, so you know they are the highest quality available.  

The decals will be available at our table at the IPMS/US nationals in Omaha on Wednesday, 20 July 2022, and on our web site at www.fundekals.net next week.  We hope you’ll enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed researching and producing them!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright 2022 by Fundekals
Page Created 20 July, 2022
Last updated 20 July, 2022

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