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F-4 Depot Stencils Decals


fundekals, 1/48 scale


Fundekals has sent the latest information about this forthcoming release:

Fündekals is proud to announce the companion to our recent 1/48 F-4 factory stencil data decal, this time covering depot applied stencils for the F-4C/D/E/RF-4C/E in all their weird and wonderful variations.  We have endeavored to provide as many of the many variations on a lot of these markings as we can document, including multiple styles of things like rescue arrows, armament loading placards, and tail hook warning placards.  


Stencil data could be seen in both white and black depending on the time period, so those items are provided in both colors to allow virtually any post-PDM USAF/AFRES/ANG F-4 to be modeled accurately.  Stencils are provided for the later Hill Gray scheme as well as the glossy gray ADTAC aircraft.  National insignias are provided in multiple variations, including full size, full color white outlined varieties for those eye-catching Edwards test birds in orange and white.  With careful choice of subjects, it’s possible you could get three or even four accurately stenciled aircraft from one sheet, so it’s a great value!  A full variety of low intensity formation lights in many styles are provided, as well as Sparrow missile serials, spare stencil numbers, fuel pylon inspection data stencils, and even rows of screw heads for the structural skin panels you so often see so prominently on well-used Phantoms.  



As always, the instruction sheet PDF - available for download whether you purchase the decal or not - will provide comprehensive markings placement guidance for each specific F-4 model, as well as (for the first time) information on the history and appearance of the RHAW gear fitted to F-4s and other details that most references skip completely.   


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The decals are printing at Cartograf now, and we hope to have them in hand in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned here and on our web site at www.fundekals.net for more information as we have it.

And as always, have fun!

And be sure to check out our completely new web site at www.fundekals.net!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

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Page Created 2 February, 2023
Last updated 2 February, 2023

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