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Mk.77 Napalm Bombs

Brengun, 1/72 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Brengun Item No. BRL72264 - Mk.77 Napalm Bombs


1/72 scale

Contents & Media

12 parts in grey resin; small decal sheet; instructions.


Euro 9.64 plus shipping available online from Brengun


and specialist hobby retailers worldwide

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Review Type:

First Look.


Excellent casting, clear instructions, a choice of variants and super details.


None noted.


This is a beaut set of weapons that will enhance any model from the relevant campaigns.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



Despite the kit title, the 340kg /750 pound Mk.77 Napalm Bomb is not strictly a napalm weapon as it was developed as a ‘more environmentally friendly’ (!) alternative to napalm based as that was on petrol, benzene and polystyrene. The napalm stocks were apparently destroyed by the US in 2001.



The Mark 77 is a kerosene-based incendiary with an oxidiser to reduce the chance it being put out once ignited. It was used by the United States Marine Corps during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and again during the Afghan War. (info gleaned from Wikipedia).



This accessory kit provides two of these weapons which can be finished in one of three different versions by using the choice of detonators on the nose.

The parts are beautifully cast in dark grey resin and come in a resealable clear sleeve with a protective card backing and a simple but clear instruction sheet that includes colour notes.



A tiny decal sheet contains stencils for the two weapons.




If you are building a model of any US aircraft used in the late 20th century/early 21st century campaigns  where these were used then they will a great addition. Recommended.

Thanks to Brengun for the review sample.

Review Text Copyright 2022 Graham Carter
Images Copyright © 2022 Brett Green
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Last updated 1 September, 2022

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