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Fleet Phantoms
F-4B Phantom II Pt. V


Bullseye Model Aviation, 1/48 scale

P r e v i e w


Bullseye Model Aviation presents details of their next 1/48 scale release covering the F-4B Phantom II.

The decals have been designed for the new Tamiya kit.

These will be exclusively available in the USA from Sprue Brothers and elsewhere internationally from The 48ers:


Fleet Phantoms V - Item No. 48-021



48-021 covers F-4Bs, markings are designed to fit Tamiya kits, but they should be just fit with minor modifications on Academy kits. 

  • VF-14 CAG jet off FDR in 1964. Jet has the plain fin cap without RHAW antennas, there are aftermarket plain fin caps available.

  • VF-33 as marked for the F-4 demonstration at the 1967 Paris Airshow. Jet departed Paris and took part in the missions after the mistaken attack on the USS Liberty by the IAF

  • VF-41 Med Cruise 1971

  • VF-11 from Forrestal, WestPac 1967. This is the jet that the Zuni rocket was accidentally fired from that started the devastation fire on the USS Forrestal. 

  • VF-11 CAG jet, Med Cruise 1969/1970

  • VF-74 CAG jet, Med Cruise 1969/1970


  • Bullseye Model Aviation Decal Preview: Image
  • Bullseye Model Aviation Decal Preview: Image
  • Bullseye Model Aviation Decal Preview: Image
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Available in the coming weeks from Sprue Brothers in the US and The 48ers overseas.



Information and images provided by Bullseye Model Aviation

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