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Fleet Phantoms
F-4B Phantom II Pts. 1 & 2


Bullseye Model Aviation, 1/48 scale

P r e v i e w


Bullseye Model Aviation presents details of their next two 1/48 scale release covering the F-4B Phantom II.

The decals have been designed for the forthcoming Tamiya kit.

These will be exclusively available in the USA from Sprue Brothers and elsewhere internationally from The 48ers:


Fleet Phantoms I - Item No. 48-017



Sheet #1 covers:

  • "Switchbox 200" VF-151s CAG jet from the 1971-1972 WestPac cruise, USS Midway

  • "Lance 100" VF-21s CAG jet, 1967-1968 WestPac cruise, USS Ranger

  • "Gypsy 200" VF-32 CAG jet, 1966-1967 WestPac cruise, USS Franklin Roosevelt

  • "Ripper 101" VF-11 CO jet, 1968-1969 Med cruise, USS Forrestal.

  • "Devill 100" VF-301 CAG jet, NAS Miramar, 1975


Fleet Phantoms II - Item No. 48-018



Sheet #2 covers:

  • "Old Nick 201" VF-111 CO jet, 1972 WestPac cruise, USS Coral Sea. These markings differ slightly from the Tamiya kit as it represents the accurate markings from the MiG-17 kill mission of  LT Garry L. Weigand and LTJG William C. Freckleton, March 6, 1972. 

  • "Silver Kite 201" VF-92 CO jet, 1968 WestPac cruise, USS Enterprise

  • "Lion 101" VF-213 CO jet, 1968-1969 WestPac cruise, USS Kittyhawk

  • "Linfield 200" VF-114 CAG jet, 1967-1968 WestPac cruise, USS Kittyhawk

  • "City Desk 401" VF-154 CO jet, 1967-1968 WestPac cruise, USS Ranger



All of these aircraft save for the VF-32 jet on 48-017 are equipped with the forward facing AN/APR-30 RHAW antenna and the rear ALQ-51/100 jammer on the fin. This is the only option in the kit unless you hack them off.

The VF-32 jet is equipped with the short lived forward facing AN/APR-24.

A plain fin tip and one with the AN/APR-24 will be available shortly in a 3D printed part.

These will be available from Sprue Brothers in the US and The 48ers overseas.



Information and images provided by Bullseye Model Aviation

Text Copyright © 2021 by Bullseye Model Aviation
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Last updated 14 June, 2021

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