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Tom Color, various scales

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Catalogue Number, Description and Price:

NeoMask by Tom Color

Various scales and subjects



1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32, 1/24 scales

Contents & Media

Each set includes self adhesive masks

Review Type:

First Look


Easy to use; effective results.


55" markings not included in Corsair masking set.


Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Daniel Iscold



Tom Colors is a Brazilian brand of modeling paints.

They have now releases a new range - NEO MASK.

Whenever possible, I like to paint the national insignias in my models, it brings a new level of authenticity to the models, after all in WWI and WWII they don’t had water slide decals to identify the airplanes with national insignias, codes, letters, serial, number, stencils and others.



NeoMask is produced in a high quality vinyl. The glue on the back is no so tacky and no so soft, it able the modeler to conform the mask around curved surfaces.



Inside the bag you´ll find instructions (in Portuguese only), but I think this is not a big deal, after all, modellers around the world who uses masks to paint insignias, are used to how apply them. You also find a decal, that bings a picture of lady in the 40´s, applying masking during the paint job of a real WWII airplane, nice touch!



I was planning to paint in my Tamiya Corsair a 55” star and bar, but unfortunately, in my review pack, the 55" American insignia is not included. I would recommended that Tom Color includes this in the next batch - problem solved.



So would I recommend NeoMask? Definitely YES!

Check at www.tomcolors.com.br for the prices and other masks sets for more air forces.

Thanks to Tom Colors for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2021 by Daniel Iscold
Page Created 7 July, 2021
Last updated 7 July, 2021

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