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Martin B-26 Marauder Collection

Xtradecal,1/72 scale


Catalogue Number and Price:

Xtradecal Item No. X72300 - Martin B-26 Marauder Collection


GBP 6.66 (Export)
GBP 7.99 (EU price) plus shipping available online from Hannants



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals for seven subjects plus instructions and notes

Review Type:



High quality decals; full colour instructions; includes a variety of colours and markings; national markings included for all seven options.




A high quality decal release for 1/72 scale Marauder kits.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Xtradecal has released a new decal set with seven marking options for 1/72 scale Marauder kits.

The best plastic currently available include the old Airfix kit, which has recently been re-released (really quite nice despite its vintage), and the very nice but hard to find Hasegawa kit.



A good selection of schemes are included. We find Olive Drab and Neutral Grey, RAF desert camouflage, an interesting field-applied finish of Dark Earth over Olive Drab and Medium Green, plus a bare metal option.



National markings are included for all seven options too - USAAF, RAF, Armeee de l'Air and SAAF.

Details are as follows:

  • 41-34946 YA-L 386BG 555BS 'The Yankee Guerrilla' RAF Boxted 1944;

  • FB441/G 21 Sqn South Africa AF Italy 1944;

  • 42-107652/03 Gp de Bomb Moyen 1/19 Gasacoigne Armeee de l'Air Francaise, Sardinia 1944;

  • FK 375/D RAF 14 Sqn Dominion Revenge, Egypt 1942;

  • 42-95987 71-S 497BS 344BG 'Yo-Yo Champ' Lt A.J.Wood Dijon 1945;

  • 42-96131 YA-P 555BS 386BG Maj R.L.Perkins 'Perkatory II' RAF Gt. Dunmow 1944;

  • H 30 Sqn SAAF Italy 1944; [B-26B B-26C Mk.I Mk.II Mk.III]

Instructions for the decal sheet are in full colour across two folded double-sided A4 and one A5 sheets.



Left and right views are offered for all seven subjects, with smaller upper and lower views also included.



Colour notes are supplied, along with model paint callouts for Xtracolor enamels and Xtracrylix acrylics.

The decals are beautifully printed and feature thin carrier film.



This is a high quality decal release for anyone who has an unbuilt1/72 scale B-26 Marauder in their stash!

Thanks to Hannants for the review sample

Xtradecals are available online from Hannants' website

Review Text Copyright © 2018 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 26 July, 2018
Last updated 26 July, 2018

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