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North American P-51 Mustang Part 4

Lifelike Decals, 1/72 & 1/32 scale

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LifeLike Decals Item Nos.

72-038 - North American P-51 Mustang Pt.4

32-021 - North American P-51 Mustang Pt.4


1/72 and 1/32

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Lifelike Decals



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First Look.


Lifelike Decals give us some interesting new schemes for both large scale and gentleman’s scale kits.




These sets will really appeal to the Mustang modeller, giving us great schemes for a couple of P-51 versions.

Reviewed by David Couche

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Lifelike Decals have produced some great decal sets over the last few years. The quality of their printing, and I have used them before, is always exceptional. Always in perfect register, thin yet quite hardy to work with and they set down well into detail really well with Micro Sol/Set (from experience).


North American P-51 Mustang Pt.4 (32-021 & 72-038)

I have been supplied with 2 sets of the North American P-51 Mustang Pt.4 sets in 2 scales, 1/32 and 1/72. The contents of the decals schemes are identical, just bigger and smaller versions.



The large set consists of 4 sheets of decals, 2 A5 sheets and 2 a bit smaller printed by Cartograf so you know that they are quality decals.



The 1/72 set has all the decals on an A5 sheet. Both sets are clear and concise, showing a restrained amount of carrier film and crisp printing in perfect register. There is a double sided A4 folded instruction set with colour profiles of the 4 aircraft, detailed notes on each aircraft and an accurate stencil placement instructions. Stencils are not provided fully in either of these sets so you will need to rely on your kit stencil decals or get an aftermarket set



The aircraft covered in this set are;

  • P-51D-10-NA, 44-14251, “Contrary Mary”, flown by Lt Col Roy Blair Caviness, Commander 78th Fighter Group, Duxford, England, August 1945

  • P-51D-15-NA, 44-15056, “Jackie”, flown by Lt John “Wild Bill” Crump, 360th Fighter Squadron, 356th Fighter Group, Martlesham Heath, England, April 1945

  • P-51B-5-NA, 43-7058, “Jeanne III”, flown by Capt Burton N Roder Jr, 26th Fighter Squadron, 51st Fighter Group, Kumming, China, September 1944

  • P-51D-10-NA, 44-14164, “Detroit Miss”, flown by Lt Urban Leonard Drew, 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st  Fighter Group, Little walden, England, October 1944

The D versions above are natural metal and the B is an olive drab scheme.





These decal sets give the P-51 Mustang modeller so new schemes as well as well-known schemes. The big scale set is ideal for the new Revell kit as well of previously released kits by Tamiya and in the case of the B version, Trumpeter. The 1/72 sets would be suited to the newer Airfix kits as well as the Academy or Tamiya offerings. I also like Lifelike’s approach with some excellent detailed notes for each aircraft as well as their reference list.


Thanks to Lifelike Decals for these samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2018 by David Couche
Page Created 6 December, 2018
Last updated 6 December, 2018

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