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Wingnut Wings Update
August 2015

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Wingnut Wings has sent the following information about a number of forthcoming kits:

An update on recent developments at Wingnut Wings.

  • 32060 1/32 Bristol F.2b Fighter (Post War) will finally be released later this year.

  • The box art and some model information has been added to our website.

  • 19 all new parts including late production engine cowlings, radiator shutters, instrument board plus optional fin, rudder, exhaust manifolds, spare wheel and auxiliary (tropical) radiator.

  • Price US$TBC

We have added a limited number of Windsock modelling books to our website;

  • 91001 - Windsock - Building the Wingnut Wings Gotha G.IV US$39

  • 91002 - Windsock - Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V/D.Va US$39

  • 91003 - Windsock - Building the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VII US$49

  • 91004 - Windsock - Building the Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV US$49

We have also added some special Windsock book deals to our website;

  • 32003+90003 - SE.5a 'Hisso' + SE5/SE5a Squadrons book US$69 (value = US$97)

  • 32014+90001 - FE.2b (Early) + The FE.2b Flies Again! Book US$99 (value = US$131)

  • 32025+90001 - FE.2b (Late) + The FE.2b Flies Again! Book US$99 (value = US$131)

In other news...

  • Wingnut Wings kits may now be purchased though hobby shops in New Zealand via our distributor Apex Hobbies (apex-hobbies.com) and in Japan via our distributor Beaver Corporation (FAX: 0283-85-8830).

  • Work continues on our new model of the iconic Sopwith Camel which we hope to be able to release in 2016. We believe that the end result will be well worth the wait.

  • We have received a few inquiries about how the rising US$ might affect pricing since we are located in New Zealand. It should be noted that, as of today, the US$ is still well below the value it was 6 & ½ years ago when we released our first 4 models. This, coupled with the fact that almost all our tooling & production expenses are charged in US$, means that there are currently no plans to re-evaluate pricing.

Thanks to Richard from Wingnut Wings for the images and information.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2015 by Wingnut Wings
Page Created 31 August, 2015
Last updated 1 September, 2015

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