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Eduard Weekend Edition, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Eduard Kit No. 84128 - MiG-21MFN Weekend Edition
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 8 grey plastic sprues,1 clear sprue, 1 SUPER FABRIC seatbelt, 3 decal sheets, A4 instruction booklet.

USD$31.96 plus shipping, available online from Eduard

USD$26.36 plus shipping available online from Squadron

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Simple build, clear assembly instructions, interesting marking options.
Disadvantages: Though supplied, part incorrectly excluded from the assembly.

There’s not much to say that I haven’t said about this kit before. Just get one.

Reviewed by Michael Drover

Eduard's 1/48 MiG-21MFN Weekend Edition is available online from Squadron.com




Information on the MiG-21MFN is fairly sketchy after a browse around the web.



From what I’ve found the MFN variant is based on the upgraded Czech Air Force MiG-21MF that modified to NATO standard avionics. Visually the main difference between the MF and the MFN is the addition of several antennae  on the spine and underside of the nose of the aircraft. 



The upgraded avionics also included GPS.





The MiG-21 family of kits has already been reviewed numerous times here on Hyperscale so I won’t be breaking new ground with this review. Instead you can head to this link to a list of reviews already made.

To cover the basics, what is included in this kit is the standard set of MiG-21MF sprues as found in the initial release. As this is a Weekend edition the kit is sans any form of etch, mask sets or resin. The weekend edition kits are now arriving with HGW fabric seats and two decal options as standard.

I did however spot an error in the instructions. On the painting diagram for both aircraft, what looks to be a raised though faired flat panel is indicated as being painted the dielectric green colour found on the nose and other parts of the airframe. It’s plainly visible and is positioned ahead of part D39 which is a blade antenna. The green panel is also visible on the box art. What isn’t visible is any mention of the installation of the part. If you peruse the ‘D’ sprue you’ll find it occupying position number 2. Interesting though is that this part is blanked out on the parts layout. Looks like someone didn’t have the parts list when preparing the instruction layout! Not a drop dead problem but I hope someone finds it useful. All other antennae are presented as noted in references.


Marking Options

Two marking options are provided.

  1. MiG-21MFN, 41st Fighter Squadron, Caslav Air Base, Czech Republic, October, 2002

  2. MiG-21MFN, 211th Squadron, Czech Air Force, Caslav air base, July 12, 2005






Again, it’s great to see Eduard producing these Weekend Edition kits for those that don’t care for the extra frills of etch and resin. Although externally the MF and MFN are nearly identical, the interesting marking options provided, particularly the 45th anniversary machine will keep everyone interested.




Koran, Martinek, Rogl, Soukop and Khol MiG-21MF/UM Variants in detail.  Prague: Wings & Wheels Publications, 2004

Thanks to Eduard for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2015 by Michael Drover
Page Created 15 July, 2015
Last updated 29 September, 2015

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