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AH-1Z Vipers Den

Werner's Wings, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Werners WingsmItem No. 48-08 - AH-1Z Vipers Den


1/48 scale

Contents and Media:

WSingle decal sheet, double sided colour A4 placement guide


$US14.00 available directly from Werener’s Wings

Review Type:



Excellent production quality with numerous squadron options.


None noted.


An excellent selection of squadrons paired with a great price, I certainly recommend this sheet.

Reviewed by Mick Drover

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The AH-1Z is a development of the AH-1 Cobra family that is now the most modern and up to date variant of the type delivered so far. The AH-1Z shares approximately 84% of it’s equipment with it’s utility cousin the UH-1Y Venom.



This commonality between the two airframes now reduce the operating costs of both aircraft types. The fleet will be comprised of new build AH-1Z and upgraded AH-1W airframes. The AH-1Z was delivered to the US Marine Corps in 2010.





Floyd Werner of Wrner’s Wings fame has put his things to many things including time as a pilot of the OH-58 Kiowa in the US Army. Nowadays he can be found punching all sorts of resin, decal and aftermarket goodies fora variety of subjects that he is quite familiar with. Floyd’s latest offering is this 1/48 decals sheet of the AH-1Z Viper serving in the US Marine Corps.



Supplied in a ziplock bag with a colour A4 instruction guide eight different marking options are provided on the sheet. The flawless printing is courtesy of BOA Agency from the Czech Republic. The decals are in register with no fuzziness around the edges and the carrier film is barely visible. Once applied and sealed it should disappear altogether. Enough stencils and US insignia decals are provided for two machines.


Marking Options

The instruction sheet provides an excellent explanation of the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadrons and how they are integrated with a parent squadron to become part of a composite squadron that can include AV-8B Harrier, CH-53 Sea Stallion, CH-46 Sea Knight and MV-22 Osprey assets.



The airframe options provided are

  1. HMLA-369 BuNo. 168420

  2. HMLA-169 BuNo. 168398

  3. HMLA-267 BuNo. 168421

  4. VMM-163 (REIN) BuNo. 168519

  5. HMM-268 (REIN) BuNo. 167809

  6. HMM-364 (REIN) BuNo. 168398

  7. VMM-161 (REIN) BuNo. 168523

  8. VMM-166 (REIN) BuNo. 168050




This is the first aftermarket sheet delivered for the Kittyhawk’s new1/48 AH-1Z Viper and who better than Werner’s Wings to deliver it? The airframe notes supplied for each machine gives the builder some background information about how and where the aircraft operate. The numerous options, excellent quality and great price tag I’d consider this decal sheet excellent value for money. Recommended.

I’ve been informed by Werner’s Wings that a linkless ammunition box and auxiliary fuel tank set for the AH-1Z will be released at the 2015 IPMS/USA Nationals in July.

Thanks to Werner's Wings for the samples.

Review Copyright 2013 by Mick Drover
Page Created 17 July, 2015
Last updated 17 July, 2015

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