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Fokker D.VII
Correction Sets

LifeLike Decals, 1/48 & 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number:

LifeLike Decals

  • 32-018 Fokker D.VII part 3,
    and 48-043 Fokker D.VII part 4

  • 32-019 Fokker D.VII part 4,
    and 48-044 Fokker D.VII part 5



1/32 and 1/48

Contents & Media

2x A4 instruction sheets, 2x decal sheets.


Available online from LikeLike Decals website and specialist retailers worldwide

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Review Type:

First Look.


Perfect colour registration; thin carrier film; enlightening research and background notes on both aircraft and pilot.


No lozenge decals.


This is a very welcome correction set. It fixes a couple of issues with the original releases and allows the building of aircraft not usually featured on other decal sheets.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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Lifelike Decals are well known for the quality and accuracy of their WWI decal range.

But sometimes even the best get it wrong. This happened to a couple of their Fokker D.VII sheets which means that it applies to both the 1:48 and 1:32nd scale releases.

Not long ago, Mick Drover had the opportunity to review them here.

To their credit, Lifelike have produced corrections for the following affected sheets.

  • 32-018 Fokker D.VII part 3, and 48-043 Fokker D.VII part 4

The aircraft in question is Willy Gabriel’s Jasta 11 Fokker D.VII 323/18F seen in late June 1918.
His characteristic stripes were originally supplied as yellow, these being placed over a blue painted tail unit.



The replacement decals are of course orange.

  • 32-019 Fokker D.VII part 4, and 48-044 Fokker D.VII part 5

Rudolf Windisch flew Fokker D.VII (OAW) 2035/18 in Jasta 66 during late May of 1918. His personal marking of a jumping stag is depicted in silver on the decal sheet. The corrected insignia is now in white.



The replacement sets mimic the high printing standards of the originals.

Everything is printed in perfect register and the surrounding thin carrier film has been kept to a minimum.




The application of Willy Gabriel’s orange and blue stripes can be done via masking and painting. However, by using these corrected decals only the blue base colour is necessary, thus saving a lot of time and potential aggravation.

Those wanting to do an accurate representation of Rudolf Windisich’s aircraft have no such choice. For them the sheet is essential and kudos to Lifelike Decals for rectifying the error.

Thanks to Lifelike Decals for these samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2015 by Mick Drover
Page Created 20 August, 2015
Last updated 20 August, 2015

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