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7./JG 53 Bf 109 G-6
‘Cartoon’ Aircraft

Iliad Design, 1/32 scale


Catalogue Number and Description

Iliad Design Item No. 32001 - Bf 109 G-6 ‘Cartoon’ Aircraft




Contents and Media:

Decal Sheet and Full colour placement and painting guide.


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Review Type:

First Look


6 Aircraft From 7./JG 53 .


None Noted.


A great sheet for those wishing to build a larger scale 109 Gustav in ‘Pik As’ markings with interesting ‘nose’ Art.

Reviewed by John Swarbrick

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F i r s t L o o k



Jagdgeschwader 53 (JG 53) Pik-As was a Luftwaffe fighter-wing of World War II. It operated in Western Europe and in the Mediterranean. Jagdgeschwader 53 - or as it was better known, the "Pik As" (Ace of Spades) Geschwader - was one of the oldest German fighter units of World War II with its origins going back to 1937. JG 53 flew the various models of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 throughout the World War II.

This Iliad Designs decal sheet features ‘nose’ Art for 6 differing BF109 G-6 Aircraft from June 1943 when 7./JG 53 were based on Sicily.  You get ‘nose’ art for White 2,3,5,6,8 &9 the sheet also features ‘Pik As’ markings for the cowling and sufficient Hakenkreuz for 4 Aircraft with 1 as a spare. Balkenkreuz sufficient for 1 Aircraft are supplied.  You’ll have to use the kit supplied stencil markings as this sheet features none.



The Aircraft are all finished in the Classic 74,75,76 scheme and feature a Black White Striped Spinner, Some nice instructions are given on how to achieve this.

The Decals are nicely produced perfectly in register and feature minimal carrier film. They also appear to be very thin.





This is a great sheet for those wishing to build a larger scale 109 Gustav in ‘Pik As’ markings with interesting ‘nose’ Art .

Thanks to Iliad Design for the sample

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