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F-86F-25/F-30 Sabre
(F-40 wing)

Hi-Decal Line, 1/48 scale


Catalogue Number:

Hi-Decal Line Item No. 48-030 - F-86F-25/F-30 Sabre (F-40 wing)


1/48 scale

Contents and Media:

1 A5 sized decal sheet inlcuding markings for four aircraft and stencils. Double sided A4 painting and decal placement guide.


£8.50 available from Hannants

Review Type:



Very thin carrier film, a great variety of less popular subjects.


Be careful to have ample fluid to move the decal around on as they tend to adhere quickly (personal experience).


A great selection of small air force operators of the very Famous F-86 Sabre. We see these aircraft done up in the usual colours but it’s great to see other markings provided here. Recommended for all small air force fans.

Reviewed by Mick Drover

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F i r s t L o o k



Hi-Decal line is reasonably well know for producing decals that could probably be classed as ‘the road less travelled’. Diego Rogoz, the proprietor of Hi-Decal has managed to capture some fairly unique and rare subjects in this recent release of the F-86F Sabre. Three different air force options are provided. Those being the Imperial Iranian Air Force, Imperial Ethiopian Air Force and the Philippine Air Force.

Although the title suggests that an F-25/30 wing is required all of these aircraft are F-40 ‘winged’ meaning they have the “6-3” size increase and leading edge slats to improve high and low speed maneuverability.



The decals themselves are very well printed and in good register with no fuzzy edges while the colours show no sign of opacity. Stencils are also legible under magnification.



One thing to be careful of, and this is from my own experience with previous Hi-Decal products, is to have enough fluid under the decal to move it around while positioning it. This is particularly the case if you have a nice glossy surface as they tend to suck to the surface once they’ve settled. I also found that Mr. Mark Softer helps to settle them in to the panel lines though it did take me multiple applications for it to work so perhaps something a bit more aggressive is needed.

Where applicable FS paint numbers with the equivalent Humbrol and Model Master paints are provided.


Marking Options

  1. F-86F-25 51-13244 / 3-133 - 103rd TFS, Imperial Iranian Air Force, Kamina Ab Congo, 1963.

  2. F-86F-25 51-13224 / 3-140 - 41st TFS, Imperial Iranian Air Force, 4TFB Vahdati, 1969.

  3. F-86F-25 51-13240 / 275 - 1st Fighter Bomber Squadron, Imperial Ethiopian Air Force, Asmara AB, 1972.

  4. F-86F-30 52-4576 ‘DRAGON” - 9th TFS, 5th TFW, Philippine Air Force, Edwin Andrews AB, Zamboanga, Mindano, 1974. I’ve seen one of the reference photos for this aircraft and the paint scheme is in a whole world of hurt. The three tone scheme was applied directly over the bare metal without any form of primer which has resulted in plenty of paint flaking and wearing away around the intake lip and wing leading edges. This would be a perfect subject to use the hairspray technique or perhaps some of the more popular ‘weathering’ fluids.





I’m a fan of the less popular air forces so it’s great to see attention being paid to these ‘rarer’ subjects. The great quality paired with excellent research and subject selection is sure to satisfy those looking for something different for their Sabre.


Thanks to Daco for the samples

Text and Images Copyright 2015 by Mick Drover
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Last updated 6 October, 2015

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