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JASDF Jets Decals
F-4EJ, F-2B

DXM, 1/48 scale

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41-114: J.A.S.D.F. F-4EJ Kai 301st SQ 40th Anniversary decal

41-118: J.A.S.D.F. F-2B 21st SQ Anniversary decal



Contents & Media

1x Waterslide Decal sheet, Instructions. x Per set.


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First Look


Excellent quality decals of fighters with attractive anniversary markings..




Two great decal sets, recommended for those interested in the JASDF or service jets sporting splendid artwork.

Reviewed by Marcus Thornley

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DXM (Double Excellent Models) have a interesting selection of subjects for their decals. Broadly speaking they cover two general areas, Modern JASDF and various special schemes. The JASDF decal sets are usually grouped under a theme, often it is an aircraft type at an event or the aggressor schemes for the F-15 for that year, etc.

Both the decal sets we are reviewing tonight are Anniversary sets. The first is a spectacular cobalt blue F-4EJ from the JASDF celebrating 40 years of Phantom service in 301 squadron, it is not stated anywhere where I have been able to find it but I believe 301 would have been the lead F-4 Squadron into service. Currently Hasegawa have the best kit of the F-4E in 1/48 scale but you will need to search out the best boxing. The F-4EJ like many of the early build Phantoms did not and to this day does not have the distinctive leading edge slats on the wing but instead has the leading flaps more often associated with the naval models. A note for modellers showing LEFs deflected, the JASDF phantoms only had operating LEFs in the middle and outer sections of the wing, the section innermost section against the intakes are non-moving. The vertical stabilisers are of the slotted type now although early photos of Japanese Phantoms in service show a mixed bag of slotted and non slotted. Hasegwa has released many boxing’s of the F-4E over the years, The F-4EJ Kai kits will be the natural choice as it has the correct wing-tip sensors that are not present on other kits of the F-4E with the non-slatted wing.

The scheme that was chosen for this occasion looks like it involved a full repaint, certainly in no way is it based upon the service scheme. For the modeller it will involve painting the entire airframe the recommended shade of Cobalt Blue, (Gunzi colour match in the instructions) and the bare metal areas and radome their specific colours. Decals can then be applied. The aircraft has the anniversary markings, Hinomaru and some warning and emergency markings. For a Phantom, the photos  show it to be remarkably free of the hundreds of small panel No. and servicing annotations that usually cover the airframe.

The decal sheet itself is very nice. Printed by Cartograf it is A5 sized sheet and conforms to the high standard of production and quality control Cartograf is renowned for. Colour density and register are perfect, the decals are nice and thin and the printing is sharp so that under magnification the small text is distinct. For my taste the formation light yellow is too bright, they are same yellow as the warning symbols, although I am cognizant of the fact that choosing another shade of yellow and adding another layer to the screen printing process would have added to the sets price.


Our samples came in a clear resealable bag although previous sets I bought have come in a single use cellophane bag with the instructions in a fold out sheet. The website has a data sheet link for the instructions that you can print directly from or you can save to your hard drive to view on screen later.



The F-2 sheet has the choice of two anniversary schemes, both for the F-2B. The only kit available of the F-2B in this scale is the superb Hasegawa kit. The first set of markings are for the 50th anniversary of the JASDF, 1st July 2004 as worn by a 21st fighter Squadron F-2B. The second is for the 30th anniversary of the 21st Fighter training squadron based at Matsushima AFB.

Both schemes are painted over the standard maritime attack Oceanic camouflage. The 50th anniversary scheme has the rudder and fin painted so the lighter of the two shades of blue covers the dark blue infill. The samurai is then the markings painted over the top. An interesting point to note for this aircraft is that the text on these markings is mirrored on the stbd side and so reads backwards, easier perhaps than cutting a second template. Reference photos from airliners.net here.

The 30th anniversary jet reverses this by having the dark blue on the rudder and fin, covering the lighter blue edging. This jet also has the centreline drop tank painted in black. Please note in the referenced photos  the text on the drop tank looks to be painted higher than the instructions would have you place the decal. The image of the Samurai on the tail is that of General Masamune (1567-1636) a powerful Daimyo, renown as an outstanding swordsman and tactician.



Like the F-4 sheet this sheet is again printed on an A5 sheet and is just superb. The artwork and production are a credit to both DXM and Cartograf. My opinion as to the low intensity formation lights holds for his sheet also.



All the decals are numbered and the instructions differentiate between the two schemes by using an alpha numeric code i.e., Axx or Bxx these decals are all called out in the instructions by blue numbers and the stencils are in red, handy! The painting instructions call out the colours in GSI Mr Color & Humbrol.




Two great decal sets, recommended for those interested in the JASDF or service jets sporting splendid artwork

Thanks to DXM for the samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2015 by Marcus Thornley
Page Created 8 October, 2015
Last updated 8 October, 2015

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