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RCAF Hawker Typhoon

1944 to Bodenplatte

Aviaeology, 1/72, 1/48 & 1/24 scales

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number and Description:

Aviaeology Item Nos. AOD72008, 48008, 240081, 240082:

RCAF Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB 1944 to Bodenplatte


1/72, 1/48 and 1/24 scales

Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals and instructions..


Review Type:

First Look


Good colour saturation; perfect register; thin carrier film; excellent colour instruction sheet.


None noted


Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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F i r s t L o o k


Aviaeology Decals has produced a fine quality series of decal sheets depicting the three Royal Canadian Air Force Typhoon Squadrons of 143 Wing. 

These are available in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/24 scale. The 1/24 scale decals have been divided into Parts One and Two owing to their size.

Although not reviewed here, the markings have also been released in two parts in 1/32 scale.

The Squadrons covered are No 438, 439 and 440 Sqns during 1944 through to operation Bodenplatte.  The series covers nine different subject aircraft including one car door version and eight bubble canopy versions.  Aviaeology include an exclusive on the two sizes of the early “type B” upper wing roundels. 

The decals are superbly printed with good colour saturation and excellent register.  The carrier film is ultra thin and the decals will need to be handled carefully and should snuggle down into the surface detail well.  The carrier film should then almost totally disappear under a coat of clear.

Markings are provided for 9 aircraft as follows:

  • Typhoon 1b Car Door “Lita” F3-P Serial Number JR249, Flown by Wing Commander Davidson at RAF Funtington and Hurn in April 1944

  • Typhoon 1b 5V-X Serial Number JR500, Flown by Flying Officer R.A Johns in July – August 1944

  • Typhoon 1b “Peace River” 5V-G Serial Number MN345, Flown by Flying Officer J.A “Jimmy” Brown in November 1944

  • Typhoon 1b I8-T Serial Number MN413, Flown by Flight Sergeant N.L. Gordon in August 1944

  • Typhoon 1b R-D Serial Number MN518, Flown by Wing Commander Davidson at RAF Funtington and Hurn in April 1944

  • Typhoon 1b “Diane” F3-A Serial Number MN716, Flown by Pilot Officer R.G. Fox in November 1944

  • Typhoon 1b F3-N Serial Number MN957, Wing Commander Davidson when he force landed in enemy territory in May 1944

  • Typhoon 1b “Pulverizer II” I8-P Serial Number MP149 Flown by Flying Officer H.J. Hardy and MN311 Flown by Flight Lieutenant C.W. Hicks and then Flying Officer H.J. Hardy and , Late 1944

  • Typhoon 1b FGG Serial Number RB205, Flown by Wing Commander Grant at B.78 Eindhoven in October 1944

  • Bonus option - Typhoon 1b F3-H Serial Number MN426, Flown by Squadron Leader Grant at B.9 Lantheuil in June 1944

All aircraft are painted in the standard Dark Green and Ocean Grey upper surfaces, and Medium Sea Grey under surfaces, with a sky fuselage band.



The instructions include large scale drawings of British anti-personnel cluster bombs and colour schemes for the 250lb, 500lb, 1000lb medium capacity bombs and 500lb Cluster Projectile.  A colour PDF version of the colour scheme is available for free though registering on the Aviaeology Web Site.
Overall a stunning sheet by Aviaeology Decals.

Review sample compliments of Aviaeology


Review Text and Images Copyright 2015 by Mick Evans
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Last updated 20 October, 2015

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