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AS.34 Kormoran

Eduard BRASSIN , 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number

Eduard BRASSIN Item No. 648195 AS.34 Kormoran

Contents and media

18 resin pieces; two photo-etched pieces; 1 decal sheet; 1 assembly and painting guide




Available directly from Eduard for $US14.95

Review Type

First Look


Very well produced resin, with excellent detail. Both Mk 1 and 2 versions supplied.


Only one of each type of missile supplied.


The usual excellent production standard from Eduard. This big anti shipping missile will look great on an German F-104 or Tornado.

Reviewed by Mick Drover

Eduard's 1/48 scale M117 Bomb Late set is available online from Squadron.com




The AS.34 Kormoran is a German developed anti-shipping missile used by the German and Italian defence forces. Launched from the common platform, the Panavia Tornado IDS, the missile is a 600kilogram subsonic anti-shipping missile that uses an inertial system for its mid course guidance with active radar used for its terminal phase. The missile uses a perforating 220kilogram warhead. It is similar in size and capability to the French built Exocet missile. The Kormoran 1 was commonly carried by Luftwaffe F-104 Starfighters with the later Kormoran 2 carried by the Tornado.





Arriving in the standard Eduard blister pack, the package contains enough resin to assemble and paint one each of the  AS.34 Kormoran 1 and Kormoran 2 missiles. Each missile is comprised of the single piece missile body, four main fins and four smaller manoeuvring fins.


  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 M117 Bombs Review by Mick Drover: Image
  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 M117 Bombs Review by Mick Drover: Image
  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 M117 Bombs Review by Mick Drover: Image
  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 M117 Bombs Review by Mick Drover: Image
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All resin parts are cleanly cast with no signs of flaws or pin holes. The primary difference between the two missiles is the body of the missile with different external conduits and ducting apparent. The other small difference is the rear etch piece for the motors.



Two different configurations are supplied so be careful to choose the correct one.


Marking Options

Four paint schemes are provided, two each for the different marks.



The Mk.1 can be pained in either an olive drab or white finish, while the Mk.2 can be finished in either a white or light grey colour.




These two sets are again a welcome addition to the growing line of ordnance from Eduard. Produced to the usual standard we are familiar with from Eduard, they will look great on any Vietnam era US aircraft.


Thanks to Eduard for the samples and images.

Review Text Copyright 2015 by Mick Drover
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