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Eduard BRASSIN, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number

Eduard BRASSIN Item No. 648169 – GBU-8/B HOBOS

Contents and media

Two grey and two clear resin parts, and decals




Available online from Eduard for €14.95

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Review Type

First Look


Single piece casting with immaculate detail. Separately cast drop fit clear resin seeker head will allow easy painting.


Damaged decals in my sample.


A well detailed replica of this milestone weapon in 1/48th scale. Recommended.

Reviewed by Michael Drover

Eduard's BRASSIN 1/48 GBU-8/B HOBOS are available online from Squadron.com




The GBU-8/B HOBOS (Homing Bomb System) was developed by Rockwell for the US Air Force after receiving a contract to build an electro optical guidance kit for the Mk.84 2000 lb. bomb. The HOBOS kit consisted of three primary components. The nose section containing the black and white TV and seeker electronics, strakes along the bomb body and the large cruciform fins that had the flying surface which controlled the bomb.

Delivery of the HOBOS bomb required the pilot of the aircraft (usually an F-4) to fly towards the target while the weapons system officer slewed the camera in the seeker head  on  to the target of interest. The seeker head required a high contract image for it to work and once the ‘gate’ of the seeker had enough contrast in the image the target was locked and the bomb was released. From release to impact the bomb relied on the high contrast around the target area for a successful hit. The advantage of the HOBOS bomb was that it was a fire and forget weapon compared the laser guided bombs that needed active illumination of their target by the delivery or designator aircraft.

However due to the early contrast seeker technology of the time the HOBOS were less reliable and accurate than the LGB until being used.





Two items are supplied in the standard Eduard blister pack and are cast from the standard Eduard grey resin. Each bomb has a pour block at the rear that will need some careful removal so that the cruciform wings don’t snap during removal. The clear resin carries the seeker heads. The straps for the guidance kit a re well defined as are the stabilising strakes along the length of the body. In the case of long thin components warpage is usually present however in the case of the strakes they are nice and straight. The bomb mounting lugs are present and show good definition along with the umbilical connection.

A small decal sheet carries the stencil data for the weapon however several of the decals on my sample were either damaged during the printing process or have been exposed to moisture.


  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 GBU-8/B HOBOS Review by Mick Drover: Image
  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 GBU-8/B HOBOS Review by Mick Drover: Image
  • Eduard BRASSIN 1/48 GBU-8/B HOBOS Review by Mick Drover: Image
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I can’t see any tide mark so I think it may have been a case of the carriers film not drying correctly before the protective sheet was placed over them. Such is life.





In 1/48th scale these bombs are BIG and have reproduced in excellent detail. Measuring approximately 75mm (3”) in length the HOBOS will certainly look impressive on any model. The details found on the one piece bodies is exceptional and with some detailed painting they will look fantastic hanging off a Vietnam era aircraft particularly an F-4 phantom. I certainly recommended.


Reference Material


Thanks to Eduard for the samples and images.

Review Text Copyright 2015 by Michael Drover
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Last updated 8 September, 2015

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