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R-60 Short-Range Missile
with P-62-I Launcher

Advanced Modeling, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number

Advanced Modelling Item No. AMC 48207-1 - R-60 Short-Range Missile with P-62-I Launcher

Contents and media

14 grey resin & 2 clear resin parts. 8 PE parts. Decal & instruction sheets




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Review Type

First Look


High quality Russian resin weapons.


Modelling skills required for a small pieces.


Great missiles and will look a treat under a wide range of Russian fighter & attack aircraft.

Reviewed by Marcus Thornley

Eduard's BRASSIN 1/72 Bullpup B is available online from Squadron.com




The Company

Advanced Modeling is a newer company that many modellers may not yet be aware, here is some previously provided information

The team at Advanced Modeling’s staff members are all skilled modellers focused on producing really accurate modeling products. When developing 3D models they use original technical drawings and check their results against real ammunition! The company does not currently have a website as all efforts are focused on expanding their product range.

Distribution is through a growing number of on-line stockists and distributors; currently these include:


The Missile

The weapon was up until recently one of the most agile air-to-air missiles, and can be used by aircraft maneuvering at up to 9g against targets maneuvering at up to 8g.



A tactical advantage is the short minimum range of only 300 m (330 yd).



Perhaps then, if Maverick had these under his wings he would not have been too close for missiles and so would not have needed to switch to guns?



Source: Wikipedia





Advanced Modeling may be a fairly new addition to the world of after market resin accessories but they are not slow in filling their catalogue with a wide array of Russian aerial weapons for the modeller to load up their Russian attack aircraft.
These two items we are reviewing are part of that growing catalogue and look to be pretty neat.

As provided the kits will each build and decal two missiles and launch rails. Packaged in multiple single use cellophane bags are the resin pieces, clear resin, Photo-Etch (PE) & decals, instructions and backing card.

The resin has a nice smooth finish with no imperfections or air bubbles. The detailed areas are well done with fine engraved lines for the panel joins and raised access panels with visible fasteners.  The finely cast fins are all happily free from wave effect that can sometimes accompany thin castings.

  • Advanced Modeling Review by Marcus Thornley: Image
  • Advanced Modeling Review by Marcus Thornley: Image
  • Advanced Modeling Review by Marcus Thornley: Image
  • Advanced Modeling Review by Marcus Thornley: Image
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Assembly follows, what by now I have come to think of as, the Advanced Modeling method. The main body is a single resin casting with the aft fins moulded integral. After it is freed from its casting block the rear face will need to be prepared for the motor nozzle. A very small resin piece that much care will be needed to cleanly separate from the casting block without loosing it.

In the nose there are clear resin pieces to represent the seeker lens, they are quite small so beware the carpet monster if you let one get away. The remaining items for the the missile are the forward fins, eight per missile! The forward four are non moving, almost rectangular in shape and are supplied as PE, the next four are the more common triangular moving surface and are quite small very fine resin items.

Launch rails are also provided for mounting the missiles under a pylon. Like the missile parts the resin is in pale grey and like other launch rails from Advanced Modeling there is a fine web running down the top of the rail and it should prove to be a simple affair to score and remove the rail from the casting block followed by the attendant clean up.

The parts are rounded out with the small but densely packed decal sheet which is very nicely printed in black, red and green, they are in register and with good colour density, under magnification the text is all legible.

The instructions are printed on fold out sheets glued to the backing card. The text is bilingual, in Russian and English. With background, assembly, painting instructions and decal placement.

An FS reference is just for modellers to be able to use their cross reference charts to their favourite paint. Reference to the photos at the top of this review were provided by Advanced  Modeling and show . . .





Two well thought out accessory sets, nicely cast  with a very complete decal sheets. Acknowledging the modelling skills required to prepare the small resin parts and the small amount of scratchbuilding required on the -500L variant, these are highly recommended.

Thanks to Advanced Modeling for the review sample

Review Text Copyright 2015 by Marcus Thornley
Page Created 24 September, 2015
Last updated 24 September, 2015

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