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Kitty Hawk 1/32 scale
T-6 Texan

by Julian Seddon

North American T-6 Texan


Kitty Hawk's 1/32 scale T-6 Texan is available online from Squadron for only USD$65.99!




Here is my Kitty Hawk 1/32 scale T-6 Texan.

I built this kit as the box art version.

The Kitty Hawk kit is a good quality kit but with a few problems. The main problem was locating the top panel of the engine compartment.

When the fuselage is joined this overlaps one side or the other. The only way to solve it is to fix one side and wait for the cement to go off and the clamp the other. I have seen some other builds with the same problem.



It was not entirely satisfactory particularly as I was to finish it in polished aluminium.



The next was a minor fixing problem with the engine mounts not being long enough to fix into the bulkhead. As it was fairly stable when the panels were attached I did not fix it.

The engine I made up out of the box as most of it is concealed.



The final and biggest problem was the placing of the decals for the version I chose. There is no way that the decals as supplied would wrap around the engine cowling. These decals were some of the most difficult to handle that I have ever come across – they just would not slide.

In the end I painted the cowling a gloss dark blue to match the background of the stars and cut the up and fixed them in pieces, the gaps being hidden by the dark blue background.



The underside was masked and painted with the red ,white and blue chevrons.



I used Alclad chrome over Alclad’s gloss black base (which was highly polished) and then attached the decals. These decals are matt and had to be cut into pieces to eliminate the matt in between. There were some stencils that could not be cut up safely so there are some matt backgrounds around them.


  • Kitty Hawk 1/32 scale T-6 Texan by Julian Seddon: Image
  • Kitty Hawk 1/32 scale T-6 Texan by Julian Seddon: Image
  • Kitty Hawk 1/32 scale T-6 Texan by Julian Seddon: Image
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The total build is, as usual, available at scalemodellingnow.

Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2015 by Julian Seddon
Page Created 16 July, 2015
Last Updated 16 July, 2015

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