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Stainless Steel Digital Caliper


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Accurately Measure All Sorts Of Craft, Hobby & DIY Jobs With Versatile, Precise MODELCRAFT®* Digital Calipers From SHESTO!

Precisely mark and measure small-project tasks with quality MODELCRAFT®* Digital Calipers from SHESTO LTD – world leader in quality tools and creative products for professionals and enthusiasts!*

MODELCRAFT® Digital Calipers units blend clear read-outs with easy operation for optimal accuracy. And the versatile SHESTO solutions handle all kinds of craft, hobby, DIY and spot-repair jobs. The precision MODELCRAFT® tools include:

  • Stainless Steel Digital Caliper [PGA1100]. Matchless precision, quality and convenience! The Stainless Steel Digital Caliper [PGA1100] sports a 100 mm (4") jaw, clear LCD display, 4-way measurement in 0.01 mm increments, true mm-inch conversion, locking screw and 1.5V LR44 battery – all in a padded, protective case.

  • Stainless Steel Digital Caliper [PGA1500]. Measuring something larger? The Stainless Steel Digital Caliper [PGA1500] jaw spans a generous 150 mm (6") jaw – and also features an LCD display, 4-way measurement in 0.01 mm increments, true mm-inch conversion, locking screw and 1.5V power battery. And a padded case protects your investment!

  • Plastic Digital LCD Caliper [PGA1001]. Don’t require optimal accuracy? The economical Plastic Digital LCD Caliper [PGA1001] includes a 100 mm (4") jaw, LCD display, 3-way measurement in 0.1 mm increments and 1.5V battery. Great for the budget-minded!

Don’t forget mechanical options, either. SHESTO’s rugged, precise steel Vernier Caliper [PGA4147] offers excellent operating economy with a generous 150 mm (6") jaw. And the traditional MODELCRAFT® Micrometer [PGA5024] combines engineering-grade accuracy with a 0-25 mm sweep in 0.02 mm increments for excellent value, quality and performance. Other quality MODELCRAFT® marking and measuring tools include Dividers, Rulers & Tape Measures, Depth Gauges, and Squares.

The growing MODELCRAFT® tools range – available at finest craft and hobby retailers everywhere – features hundreds of innovative implements for a wide range of craft, hobby and DIY projects, including:

  • scale modelling,

  • general crafts,

  • sculpture & 3-D art,

  • jewellery making & engraving,

  • wood- & metal-working,

  • furniture & antiques restoration,

  • automotive detail & spot repair,

  • electronic & light industrial work,

  • small DIY jobs, and

  • household repairs.

For details, contact SHESTO LTD, Unit 2 Sapcote Trading Centre, 374 High Road, Willesden, London, NW10 2DH, United Kingdom:

  • Tel: +44 (0) 20 8451 6188

  • Fax: +44 (0) 20 8451 5450

  • Web: www.shesto.com

  • Email: Sales@Shesto.co.uk

For over a century, SHESTO LTD have led the world in quality tools for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  In addition to its popular MODELCRAFT tools range, the company’s comprehensive lines of creative, precision products include SPRAYCRAFT, JEWELTOOL, LIGHTCRAFT, ROTACRAFT, and FOILART.  SHESTO currently supply tools to over 60 countries worldwide.

Thanks to Shesto for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright © 2013 by Shesto
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Last updated 27 May, 2013

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