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Fokker D.VII F
Kit and Aftermarket Decals

Wingnut Wings, 1/32 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Wingnut Wings Kit No. 32031 - Fokker D.VII F

Wingnut Wings Decals - Item No. 30010 - Fokker D.VII F Fighting Fokkers Part 5 Decals



Contents and Media:

198 parts in grey injection moulded plastic; two parts in clear; eight photo-etched parts; markings for five camouflaged aircraft.


Kit - USD$79.00 with free shipping worldwide, available online from Wingnut Wings' website.

Decals - USD$19.00 with free shipping worldwide, available online from Wingnut Wings' website.

Review Type:

First Look


Thoughtfully engineered; outstanding representation of fabric, tape and general surface detail; high quality mouldings with fine sprue attachments; useful options; photo-etched seat belts; comprehensive decal sheets in perfect register with minimal carrier film; full-colour 32 page instruction booklet doubles as a one-stop reference.




Wingnut Wings' has answered WWI modellers' wishes again wtih this new Fokker D.VII F. The minimal rigging will appeal to less experienced WWI modellers too. Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Never a company to do things by half measures, Wingnut Wings simultaneously released three Fokker D.VII kits in December last year. These were the main Mercedes-powered Fokker D.VIIs variants from the Fokker, Albatros and OAW factories.

I reviewed the Fokker version last year, and the details may be found by following this link. Rob Baumgartner's examination of the OAW version may be found here.

Despite the availability of the three Mercedes-powered variants in December, a number of visitors to HyperScale's Plane Talking Forum expressed a wish to see the rare and much coveted BMW IIIa "altitude" engine variant from Wingnut Wings too.



Well, the Easter Bunny has granted their wishes. The latest kit release by Wingnut Wings is the Fokker D.VII F, with the BMW IIIa engine.

What's New?

The newest Fokker kit comprises 198 parts in grey injection moulded plastic, two parts in clear, eight photo-etched parts and markings for five aircraft.


  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Wingnut WIngs 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F Review by Brett Green: Image
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36 parts are brand new. These contain the BMW engine, engine cowlings and two new propellers.



The main decal sheet is brand new too. It contains markings for five colourful options:

  • Fokker D.VII F 460/18, Eric Just, Jasta 11 August 1918 (6 victories)

  • Fokker D.VII F 501/18, "Red W", Jasta 26, Noevmber 1918

  • Fokker D.VII F 4253/18, Ernst Udet, Jasta 4, September 1918 (62 victories)

  • Fokker D.VII F 4330/18, Egon Koepsch, Jasta 4, August 1918 (9 victories)

  • Fokker D.VII F Karl Bolle, Jasta 2. November 1918 (36 victories)


The Rest of the Good Stuff

In common with their earlier releases, Wingnut Wings' Fokker D.VII features beautiful surface texture including subtly stretched/wrinkled fabric, fine strips and stitching, crisply recessed panel lines and raised details where appropriate.

Kit engineering is conventional and designed to make construction as painless as possible while not compromising on detail. The thick upper wing is moulded in two pieces - upper and lower halves - and features separate ailerons. The elevators and rudder are separate parts too. The lower wing has a bottom full span (don't cut the halves off the moulded spars in between!) with separate top sections for the left and right sides.
The main three-legged cabane struts are moulded in once piece each, ensuring correct alignment. The tops of the cabane struts have nice big locating tabs that should result in a solid bond with the upper wing.

The two interplane struts are each presented as single "N" shapes and are moulded with good-sized locating pins that fit into corresponding holes in the wings. The wings do not require any rigging, which should appeal to first-time WWI modellers.
The fuselage interior is supplemented with a thoroughly detailed cockpit complete with framework, bulkheads, ammunition bins and fuel tank. The instrument panel is adorned with individual authentic decal instruments. I particularly like the faded "back side" lozenge decals, printed complete with linen texture, for the cockpit interior.


The Spandau machine guns are provided with the option of photo-etched cooling jackets. The photo-etched fret also offers harness straps and gun sights.


Other options include an anemometer, a telescopic Oigee sight, alternative engine fittings and three styles of Spandau mount.
Where optional parts are offered, the instructions direct the applicable marking options. Painting options for interior and exterior elements are quite comprehensive too.
The 32 page instruction booklet is presented in the same format as its predecessors, with 3D construction views supplemented by generous reference photos of wartime machines and some colour cockpit detail shots from The Memorial Flight Association Fokker D.VII F.


In addition to the large decal sheet with the unique markings, two big sheets with four and five colour lozenge for the wings, including contrasting rib tape printed in place, are included.
The pre-sized and pre-taped lozenge decals will result in a significantly faster and, for most modellers, more accurate depiction of the fabric pattern.



Printing and register are perfect on my samples.


Wingnut Wings Decals 30010 - Fokker D.VII F Fighting Fokkers Part 5 Decals

In conjunction with their new 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F, Wingnut Wings has also released Part 5 of their after market decal series with five additional options for their newest release.



The colour instruction booklet is lavishly illustrated and includes reference photos of all five subjects.



The decals themselves are printed perfectly and should behave themselves very nicely on the model.




Once again, Wingnut Wings has addressed modellers' wishes with this new 1/32 scale Fokker D.VII F.

In common with their earlier Fokker releases, this is an outstanding package – well-detailed, superbly moulded and with ample photographic reference for the project.
The straightforward struts and rigging-free wings will appeal to first-time WWI modellers, and the pre-sized and integrated lozenge and rib tape decals are time saving and precise too.
And if you can’t find any markings or colour schemes that you like in the kit options, Wingnut Wings's new decal sheet offers you five more.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Wingnut Wings for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2013 by Brett Green
Page Created 3 April, 2013
Last updated 3 April, 2013

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