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Romanian Messerschmitt
Bf 109 E Part 2s

RB Productions, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number and Description

RB Productions Item No. RB-D48013 - Romanian Messerschmitt Bf 109 E Part 2s


1/48 scale

Contents and Media

1 x sheet of waterslide decals with markings for seven aircraft; 1 x A4 double sided full colour instruction leaflet


RB-D48013– €10.00 each

Also available in 1/32 and 1/72: RB-D32013 – €12.00 each RB-D72013 – €8.00 each

Available online from www.radubstore.com

Review Type

First Look


Excellent subjects; accurate and well-printed decals; very good instruction sheet.




Highly recommended

Reviewed by Brad Fallen

Iliad Decals' 1/48 scale ANG Mustangs is available online from Squadron.com


F i r s t L o o k


This is the second of RB Productions’ three (so far) decal sets focusing on Romanian Bf 109 Es.  I reviewed the first of these sets here in July 2012, and concluded that it was a comprehensive and well-produced package that would help modelers achieve a very accurate Romanian Emil.





Part 2 is just as impressive, featuring another seven Bf 109 Es operated by Romania in 1941-42:


  1. Bf 109 E-3, No.39 of Escadrila 58, Grupul 7 Vân?toare based at Bessarabia, June 1941.

  2. Bf 109 E-3, No.35 of Escadrila 58, Grupul 7 Vân?toare, based at Bucharest-Pipera, summer 1942.

  3. Bf 109 E-3, No.14/ “Dor de duca”, W.Nr. 2491 of Escadrila 57, Grupul 7 Vân?toare, Bucharest-Pipera, Summer 1942. 

  4. Bf 109 E-7, No.51/“Vasco”, W.Nr. 2486 of Escadrila 56, Grupul 7 Vân?toare, based at Bucharest-Pipera, summer 1942. 

  5. Bf 109 E-3, No.54 flown by Adj.Av. Stefan Greceanu of Escadrila 57, Grupul 7 Vân?toare in summer1942. 

  6. Bf 109 E-3, No.26/“Nadia II” flown by Adj.Av. Stefan Greceanu of Escadrila 57, Grupul 7 Vân?toare from Saltz-Bessarabia, September 1942.

  7. Bf 109 E-7, No.64/“Nella” flown by Adj.Av. Tiberiu Vinca of Escadrila 56, Grupul 7 Vân?toare from Karpovka-Stalingrad, winter 1942.


Their basic paint scheme of RLM 71 Dark Green over RLM 65 Light Blue notwithstanding, these are some of the most colourful Bf 109 Es that ever flew.  All have RLM 04 Yellow fuselage bands, lower wing tips and cowlings (although in option A only the lower cowlings are this colour), as well as white, blue, yellow and red national markings, black and white spinners and Donald Duck emblems on their rear fuselage.  Options C-G also carried names or slogans on one or both sides of their cowlings or fuselage.


Produced by Fantasy Printshop, the decals have been printed to a very high standard; I examined the review sample closely, and it appeared to be flawless.  Colour density looks excellent and the printing is very crisp, with even the smallest letters legible.  As with Part 1, two styles of King Michael Cross are supplied, with their central blue dots printed separately to avoid misregistration.





The double-sided, full colour A4 instruction sheet maintains the high standard set by Part 1, and is packed with information to help modelers achieve an accurate Romanian Emil.  Port or starboard profiles are provided of each aircraft, while a generic plan is used to show upper and lower surface colours and marking locations.  A comprehensive list of references is supplied for anyone wishing to undertake further research.


The sample decals provided for review were 1/48 scale, but sheets with markings for the same aircraft are also available in 1/72 and 1/32.



C o n c l u s i o n


Radu Brinzan’s decal releases continue to set a very high bar.  I can’t think of many other sets I have seen that offer so much accurate, useful information on just two pages of instructions, and then back this up with a superb decal sheet.  It might seem that I am laying on the superlatives, but if you have any interest at all in Romanian Bf 109s, get hold of this release and you will see what I mean.

Very highly recommended.

Thanks to RB Productions for the review sample.


Text and Images Copyright 2013 by Brad Fallen
This Page Created on 1 April, 2013
Last updated 1 April, 2013

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