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F-4E & RF-4C Phantom II

Hi-Decal, 1/48 (also available in 1/72)


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Hi-Decal Item No. 48-028 (72-058) - F-4E & RF-4C Phantom II
Scale: This review is of the 1/48 sheet.
Contents and Media: One A5 decal sheet with stenciling on a smaller supplementary sheet and two, A4 size, b&w colour scheme and decal placement guides.
Price: T.B.A.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Beautifully printed, thin decals covering some out-of-the-ordinary F-4Es & an RF-4E.
Disadvantages: No walkway decals included (available separately on 48-024 / 72-054)
Recommendation: Highly recommended


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First Look


This latest F-4 sheet from Hi-Decal provides markings for three F-4E / ETMs and one RF-4ETM in two colour schemes  in service with the Turkish Air Force.

The aircraft covered are;

  • F-4E 67-0346 from 111 Sqn, in the Hill-Grey scheme.

  • F-4E 67-0227 from 172 Sqn, in the Hill-Grey scheme.

  • F-4ETM 68-0403 from 112 Sqn, in the Hill-Grey scheme.

  • RF-4ETM 77-0314 from 173 Sqn, in a unique two-tone grey scheme.

Once again Hi-Decal have produced a sheet which offers he modeller some out-of-the-ordinary options for their F-4 kits.


  • Hi Decal 1/48 Phantom Decal Review by Darren Mottram: Image
  • Hi Decal 1/48 Phantom Decal Review by Darren Mottram: Image
  • Hi Decal 1/48 Phantom Decal Review by Darren Mottram: Image
  • Hi Decal 1/48 Phantom Decal Review by Darren Mottram: Image
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Many of the Turkish Air Force's F-4Es are refurbished, second-hand machines, transferred from US stocks and the first machine is one such F-4E which previously served with the New Jersey Air National Guard and retains that unit's distinctive tiger head design, in grey, on the nose.

Whilst not specifically mentioned, the second F-4E has a shark mouth design very reminiscent of those worn by the St Louis Air National Guard and may be one of their former machines. It also has a stylised Hawk / Eagle design on the tail and rudder and a band of black and yellow checks across the fin tip.

The third example is one of the Phantoms locally upgraded by Turkey to become an F-4ETM. It to is in the two-tone Hill-Grey scheme but with a very large and fierce looking mouth design, specific to these Turkish F-4s, on the nose and radome in black and white (the radome itself is black too). It also has a trident and devil's head(?) design on the rudder and a black fin tip with "SEYTANLAR"(?) in yellow.

The last machine is an RF-4ETM, one of the eight new-build RF-4Es that Turkey originally received in 1979. Also upgraded to "TM" standard, this jet wears a unique (to Turkey) two-tone grey scheme with a disruptive pattern of dark grey on the upper half of the fuselage and in bands across the wings. A rather different and attractive scheme for greys. It also has the Phantom "spook" character on the rudder and a blue band across the fin tip with "SAFAKLAR" in white. This is also the machine which was tragically shot down over Syria in 2012.

Some stenciling is included on the main sheet but there is also an extra, smaller, sheet which includes the rest of the stencils, in various colours and greys to allow for the variations across all the schemes and it looks like there are enough markings to do two complete machines.

Unfortunately there are no walkway decals included, but these are available separately on 48-024 / 72-054.

The paint schemes, decal placements and a very brief history for each aircraft are provided, in black and white, on a double sided A4 sheet while the stencil placements (with notes about the variations between each scheme) and a weapons load-out guide are included on another, single sided, A4 sheet. Acknowledgments, recommended kits and accessories and suggested references are also listed as well as a colour table with recommended equivalent colours for the Humbrol and Model Master ranges of paints.

The decals themselves look very thin, crisp and appear to be in perfect register on my sheet.

The only real down side I can see is the need to have to buy extra sheets for the walkways on these schemes. These are available on Hi-Decal sheets 48-024 / 72-054.



Once again, Hi-Decal has produced a high quality sheet sheet which gives modellers some welcome, added variety to do some of the less represented but certainly more interesting schemes on their F-4E or RF-4E kits. 

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Hi-Decal for the review sample

Hi-Decal decals are available direct from the manufacturer, Diego@HiDecal.
or from their new web site at;

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Last updated 11 June, 2013

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