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RAAF Mustang
P-51D & CA-18

Hamilton Hobbies, 1/32 scale

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Item Number, Description, Scale & Price:

Hamilton Hobbies Item No. HHD-002 - RAAF Mustang P-51D & CA-18

AUD $24.00 plus postage available via email from Hamilton Hobbies on hamiltonr007@gmail.com

Contents and Media: One main screen printed decal sheet, small supplementary laser printed printed decal sheet; three and a half A4 pages of instructions in full colour.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Perfect printing; accurate colours and dimensions; unique subjects; superb donor kit; high quality instructions.
Disadvantages: No RAAF or photo-recon parts available in 1/32 scale (yet); very limited run means that you'll need to get in quick!
Conclusion: This is a very well presented set of decals with world-class printing and high quality instructions that will be warmly welcomed by RAAF fans. Highly Recommended.

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Hamilton Hobbies is an interesting operation that operates under the radar of hobby shops and online retailers. It is the brainchild of Australian modeller Ryan Hamilton, and releases limited run resin conversions and updates; and occasional decal sets covering Australian-themed subjects.

These are genuine limited run items and are only promoted by postings on the Aussie Modeller Forum (www.aussiemodeller.com.au) and by Ryan's email mailing list.

The newest Hamilton Hobbies release covers six RAAF CAC-18 (Australian built with some small differences compared to American built machines including wheel hubs, propeller blades, seat and interior colours) and P-51D Mustangs.

All aircraft are finished in combinations of dull silver paint and/or polished bare metal. The instructions are very specific about the split between nbare metal and paint.


  • Hamilton Hobbies 1/32 scale RAAF CAC / P-51 Mustang Decals Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Hamilton Hobbies 1/32 scale RAAF CAC / P-51 Mustang Decals Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Hamilton Hobbies 1/32 scale RAAF CAC / P-51 Mustang Decals Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Hamilton Hobbies 1/32 scale RAAF CAC / P-51 Mustang Decals Review by Brett Green: Image
  • Hamilton Hobbies 1/32 scale RAAF CAC / P-51 Mustang Decals Review by Brett Green: Image
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The subjects are:

  • A68-799 – P-51K, 76 Sqn Iwakuni, Japan. Sdr Ldr. F. Lawrenson” aircraft.This aircraft is depicted as it appeared both during early 1948 (without the red fuselage band and the SQNLDR pennnant); and in November. Red and white starburst spinner, red lightning bolt on the tail, Takamatsu band on the fuselage. The starburst spinner is handled cleverly, with the scalloped white section delivered as paired "petals".

  • A68-111 – CA-18 Mk21, “Mongili III”, Air Armament School, East Sale. Black spinner, squadron crest, and nose art.

  • A68-708 – P-51K, 77Sqn Korean. Red, white and blue spinner and 77 Sqn logo on tail

  • A68-809 – P-51K, 77Sqn Korean. Red, white and blue spinner. Wing Commander Lou Spence’s aircraft.

  • A68-1 – CA-17 Mk20, “Emu Survivor” airframe flown out of Maralinga post two nuclear tests.

  • A68-193 – CA-18 Mk22, 22 Sqn, Gold spinner, squadron crest on the nose.

The following decals are also supplied:

  • One set of British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) Roundels

  • One set of RAAF Roundels

  • RAAF Data Blocks for P-51Ks

  • CAC Speed-bird for CAC airframes

  • Squadron crests for RAAF 3Sqn, 21Sqn, 22Sqn, 24Sqn, 25Sqn, 10Sqn, 34Sqn, 75Sqn

The main decal sheet is luxuriously silk-screen printed in high gloss. Colours look good and the surrounding carrier film is minimal. They are printed by Ronyn Graphics - very impressive. The instructions state that the decals do not have a clear varnish finish so that they will not crack and yellow over time, but they do have a thin film of oil that should be wiped off with a soapy damp cloth once the decals are on the model.



A smaller second laser printed decal sheet is provided with the Squadron crests. Detail is very sharp and the many colours are all present. A white screen-printed backing for these crests is supplied on the main sheet.



Instructions are comprehensive, with port and starboard side views of each subject, plus individual notes, upper and lower plan views and a colour reference chart with callouts in the Testor Model Master, Humbrol, Gunze and Xtracolor model paint ranges.

You will be able to use these decals on any 1/32 scale Mustang kit, but obviously the pick of these is the Tamiya P-51D.

The P-51D subjects and CA-17 Mk.20 will be possible straight from the box, but CA-18 Mk.21 and Mk.23 Mustangs had a few minor detail differences from their American counterparts. These included unique eight-spoke wheels with circumferencial tread tyres, a moulded plywood seat, chisel-blade propellers and different interior colours. As far as I am aware, these CAC Mustang items are not available as aftermarket parts in 1/32 scale at this stage (although hopefully Red Roo Models - who do such a conversion in 1/48 scale - or Ryan Hamilton himself are addressing this gap in the market). The Australian-style photo-recon fairings are not available as after-market parts either, so you'll be scratch building these too.





Hamilton Hobbies' 1/32 scale "RAAF Mustang P-51D & CA-18" is a luxurious decal set with excellent instructions for a group of unique subjects.

However, please note that they are available in only very limited quantities, and once they're gone, they're gone.

Get in quick!

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Hamilton Hobbies for the sample

Review Text and Images Copyright 2013 by Brett Green
Page Created 5 June, 2013
Last updated 6 June, 2013

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