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Photo-Etched Update Sets

Brengun, 1/144 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

BRL144067 – North American X-15 Details (Dragon).

BRL144068 – Spitfire Mk.IX Canopies (Eduard).

BRL144069 – Me 262B Canopies (Eduard).

BRL144070 – Spitfire Mk.IX Details (Eduard).



Contents & Media

BRL144067 – One PE fret & nine resin parts.

BRL144068 – Two vac-form canopies.

BRL144069 – Two vac-form canopies.

BRL144070 – PE Fret & two resin parts for two kits.


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X-15 Details

Spitfire IX Canopy

Me 262B Canopy

Spitfire IX Details

Brengun (Incl. VAT)










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Review Type:

First Look.


Good scale finesse, high quality, and the detail sets do not have any unwanted items.


No colour call-outs provided with the detail sets.


All of these detail sets and canopies are well produced, and will enhance their intended kits. The detail sets’ lack of colour call-outs is easy to overcome.


Reviewed by Mark Davies

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Each set comes in a cellophane bag stapled to a card header, and all include instructions that are easy to follow. The PE frets and resin parts are of good quality. The lack of colour call outs for the cockpits is a minor inconvenience, but is easy to overcome. 

I have often thought that many cockpit detail sets in 1/144-scale are wasted because of the thickness of the kit canopies, and wondered why vac-from canopies were not available to make the most of the enhanced detail that is now possible in this tiny scale. Well it seems that Brengun has recognised this need by supplying the first 1/144-scale vac-from canopies I have seen.

Most of the review’s images are from Brengun’s website. These illustrate the PE parts in situ on their intended kit. This is more useful than an image of a PE fret alone. I have combined these with scans of their instructions. The general details of what each set provides are as follows:

BRL144067 – X-15 Detail Set (for the Dragon kit):



This set improves the kit’s cockpit and speed brakes, along with some additional details for the fin and pitot. Quite a few of the parts are in resin, and include the ejection seat and removable cockpit coaming.

BRL144068 – Spitfire Mk.IX Canopies (for the Eduard kit):



One canopy is fully closed and the other is in three pieces for display open. These beautifully formed canopies are just the thing to show off the extra cockpit detail provided by BRL144070.


BRL144069 – Me 262B Canopies (for the Eduard kit):



One canopy is fully closed and the other is in three pieces for display open. They are both very well formed; although there is what looks like a tiny flaw in the middle of the rear canopy. I do not feel that this detracts too much from its appearance however.


BRL144070 – Spitfire Mk.IX Detail Set (for the Eduard kit):



This comprehensive set provides two full cockpits sufficient for Eduard’s twin-kit package, and in addition to PE parts for the cockpit, it has resin oxygen bottles and the option of PE detail for the fuselage radio compartment.



C o n c l u s i o n


Both detail sets are little gems, and the Spitfire’s is quite stunning with the degree of detail it offers in such a small space. The beautifully formed canopies will enhance their intended kits in terms of scale finesse, as well as offering the opportunity to see any extra detail in their cockpits. The detail sets’ lack of colour call-outs is easy to overcome.

I am happy to recommend all of the items reviewed here.

Thanks to Brengun Models for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2013 by Mark Davies
Page Created 1 April, 2013
Last updated 1 April, 2013

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