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Tamiya's 1/48 scale
Heinkel He 219 A-2

by Christian Lehmann

Heinkel He 219 A-2

Tamiya's 1/48 scale He 219 A-7 is available online from Squadron




Here is my /48 scale Heinkel He 219 A-2 Uhu Tamiya's He 219 A-7 kit.

Type: Heinkel He 219-A2 (Built by using the He 219-A7)

Manufacturer: Tamiya

Scale: 1:48

Unit of the displayed plane: I. / NJG1, Werk Nr. 290123

Used upgrades: Cockpit set from Aires, wheel wells and motor compartment from CMK, radar antennas from Schatton

Additional details: Hydraulic tubes and hoses for brakes made of lead and brass wire, sight for jazz music in the forward folding hood, antenna for direction finder made of metal.

Painting and marking: Upper side with X-tra enamel colour and underside with Tamiya acrylics (Thank you Brett for the explanation in your book about modelling the  Bf 110). Only MIG´s neutral wash an slight weathering has been applied because this type has been used at the end of the war when gasoline was limited and only a little amount of combat operations have been flown.



Note: Because the Aires cockpit has been used additional weight had to be applied nose, behind the cockpit, the belly gun gondola and the right motor gondola. The amount had to be found out by the trial.
Diorama: The decision to build a diorama has been made because  I wanted to avoid damage on the fragile radar antennas during transportation of the model. The idea with the shatter protection box came up during the photo research on the internet and in books.


The base is made of water proof plywood which is framed by self made strips of ash wood.
The landscape is made by using of brown coloured landscape putty intended for railway modelling. On the wet putty dust from the garden has been dispersed. Footsteps and skid marks have been applied before the putty has been hardened.

The core of the walls consists of styrofoam planked with strips of wood. The same strips were used for the storing position of the plane.

The grass has been made by using a grass meadow which has been hackled to small pieces which have been coloured by using the airbrush.

The ladders for the working platform, the wheel chocks and he roof of the workshop have been scratch built.

Figures: For building the figures parts from Eduard, ICM, Tamiya and Verlinden have been used out of the box respectively they have been combined. The bicycle has been taken from Eduards japanese pilot and machanic set.


  • Roland Remp: Der Nachtjäger Heinkel He 219

  • Waffen-Arsenal Bd. 73: “UHU“ – He 219

  • Famous Airplanes of the World No. 119: Heinkel He 219 “UHU”

  • Heinkel He 219 A-0 Flugzeughandbuch: Teil 8A, Schusswaffenanlage, Beiheft 1 Schrägbewaffnung (Stand Juli 1944), Ausgabe  Oktober 1944 He 219 “UHU“


  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
  • Tamiya 1/48 Henkel He 219 by Christian Lehmann: Image
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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2011 by Christian Lehmann
Page Created 29 November, 2011
Last Updated 29 November, 2011

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