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Meteor F.Mk.8 "Hi-Tech"

MPM, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

MPM Kit No. 72531 Meteor F. Mk. 8  “Hi-Tech”



Contents & Media:

77 light grey plastic parts on two sprues, 6 clear parts on one sprue, 17 resin parts on eight pour blocks, 30 PE parts on one fret plus decals for 3 aircraft and a 10 page instruction booklet with history, parts plan, 14 construction steps and three pages of paint/decal instructions.


£20.17 available online from Hannants

Review Type:

First Look


The same as the earlier Xtrakit and MPM Mk. 8 Meteors but with the added advantage of Resin and PE parts.


Much of the resin could have been done in plastic in the first place.


The Xtrakit and MPM Meteors were very good to begin with bit this new version is even better.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

MPM's 1/72 scale Meteor F.8 Hi-Tech is available online from Squadron.com




Originally ordered from MPM by Hannants, in the UK, under their Xtrakit label, this Mk.8 Meteor has been around now for a while and is considered the best in injection moulded plastic in the scale.

To read the original review by Brett Green, click here.

Now MPM have added resin and PE to the original plastic to make an even more detailed and accurate Meteor although not quite as modeller friendly, being now multi-media.


  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • MPM 1/72 Meteor F.8 Review by Glen Porter: Image
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The Resin

There are 17 resin parts, all for the cockpit , main wheel wells and undercarriage. They are beautifully cast and detailed and their equivalent plastic parts are marked on the instructions as not for use. The one area where the kit is let down is in the colour recommendations for the cockpit interior and ejection seat. It simply says “Matt Black” for everything except the pre-coloured PE. I'm sure the seat cushions would have been another colour and many other colours would have been involved as well.


The PE parts

The PE set from Eduard is pre-coloured with 30 parts, mainly instrument panel and seat harness and other small bits and pieces.



They are different to the Xtrakit decals but I don't know what came in the early MPM kit.

First is an RAF aircraft,WK722/A from 601 (County of London) Squadron RauxF, North Weald, 1953, in overall silver with red and black diagonal stripes on the fin and tailplane and red and black panels either side of the fuselage roundel.

Next is EG-241/GE-K from the 349th Squadron, 1st wing, Royal Belgian Air Force, Bevekom Airbase, 1955, in Dark Green/ Dark Sea Grey uppers and PRU Blue below.

Finally, a Dutch aircraft, 91-25 from 326 Squadron, Soesterberg airbase, 1954, in the same colours as the Belgian example. Decals include all of the special markings for all three plus one set of stencils.





If you're an experienced modeller then this is the Meteor to get. If you're not happy with the decals in this one, Xtradecal do a heap of alternatives or if you want an RAAF Korean War Meteor, Red Roo Models are for you.

Come on now, you won’t regret it, get out there now and get one.

Thanks to MPM for this review sample.

Text Copyright 2010 by Glen Porter
This Page Created on 4 May, 2010
Last updated 4 May, 2010

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