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DFS Weihe

Czech Master Resin, 1/72 scale

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Czech Master Resin Kit No. G36 - DFS Weihe



Contents & Media

7 x cream resin, 2 x acetate canopies, decals for 8 subjects


In-stock on-line from Hannants for £14.50, and available from these CMR distributors

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First Look


Extremely simple to build, and an ideal first resin kit.


Some might criticise the lack of assembly instructions, but they’re not needed.


Simple attractive glider kit, very suitable as a first resin kit.


Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The DFS Weihe was designed by Hans Jacobs in 1938, and proved an outstanding high performance design, setting its last world record in 1959.



It was widely used by numerous organisations, clubs and air forces. For comprehensive information on the Weihe see Scale Soaring UK.





CMR must be the leading producer of glider kits in 1/72 scale with over 30 military and civilian glider kits currently listed on their website. This latest kit is a re-issue of the earlier CMR kit G5017. This boxing includes large decal sheet with several schemes not previously offered, along with coloured painting guides and a walk-around photo supplement.


  • CMR DFS Weihe Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • CMR DFS Weihe Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • CMR DFS Weihe Review by Mark Davies: Image
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The kit is packaged in a very sturdy top-opening box, and all parts are in heat sealed plastic bags. There are clear scale plans but no assembly instructions. With so few parts none are required. The painting and decaling diagrams are comprehensive in their coverage, although all colour include FS numbers. All text is in English.

The airframe assembly is simple as only four basic parts are involved. The resin parts are very crisply moulded, with fine trailing edges. I could see no pinholes worth loosing sleep over. I have found with CMR glider kits of this size that no wing-root reinforcement is needed, but some may wish to play it safe and add some. The three remaining resin parts are the seat, control column and cockpit coaming. Two vac-from acetate canopies round out the parts tally.



Decal options include a swastika emblazoned NFSJ Wasserkuppe machine, a colourful Swedish Air Force example, a camouflaged Czechoslovak National Aeroclub plus three other Czechoslovak club gliders and one civil Polish example.





I like glider models as they add some variety to a model display that is otherwise dominated by military aircraft. This kit has the added benefit of speed and simplicity to build, just the thing for a first resin kit or a respite from more complex builds.

Thanks to Czech Master Resin for this review sample.

CMR Models are available online from Hannants in the UK,
Red Roo Models in Australia and quality specialist model retailers worldwide.

Text Copyright 2010 by Mark Davies
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Last updated 1 March, 2010

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