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RCAF Mosquitoes
Canadians in Fighter Command #1

Aviaeology, 1/24 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description:

Aviaeology Decals Item No. AOD24005 - RCAF Mosquitoes: Canadians in Fighter Command #1


1/24 scale

Contents and Media:

Decals with comprehensive instructions


$21.99 available from Aviaeology Website and their E-bay Store

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Perfect colour density and registration. Interesting subjects. High quality instructions with diagrams and notes.


Careful trimming required around some of the Digital Silk decals (Editor's note - there have been a number of well-supported comments on HyperScale's Forums that the "Digital Silk" markings are stiff and unresponsive to setting agents, with the result that they will not conform to sharp contrours. panel lines and other surface detail)


High quality markings and instructions for the new Airfix Mosquito

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

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F i r s t L o o k


Following quickly on the release of the exciting new Airfix 1/24th scale Mosquito Mk VI are markings from Aviaeology depicting aircraft from 418 City of Edmonton Squadron.

These markings are scaled up versions of their earlier markings. Like the earlier release, markings are supplied for three high scoring 418 Aces:

  1. Moonbeam McSwine, HJ 719, F/L James “Lou” Luma and F/O Colin Finlayson

  2. Hairless Joe, HR147, W/C Russ Bannock and F/O Robert Bruce

  3. Black Rufe, NS850, S/L Robert “Bob” Kipp and F/O Peter Huletsky

The instruction sheets are a treasure trove of information pertaining to 418 Squadron. Aviaeology provides very extensive four page instruction sheets providing in-depth color and marking information for each aircraft. Extensive modeling notes are also supplied enabling the scale modeler to complete as accurately as possible their Mosquito kit. One of the advantages to download .pdf instruction sheets is that changes can be made to instructions when further details become available. Such is the case with Moonbeam McSwine as new photos have revealed and answered questions raised from the earlier, smaller scale instruction sheets. Consequently, the instructions provided with the 1/24th scale markings are slightly different than earlier releases. Note: Those modelers who purchased earlier smaller scale decals can contact Aviaeology for a free updated download.


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The 1/24th scale decals are printed over three pages. The noseart and optional style entry door crests are printed in “Digital Silk”, whereas the fuselage codes, serial numbers, national insignia and victory claims are printed using traditional silkscreen methods. There are enough markings to complete a single aircraft as the size of the national insignia limit available space.

The Mosquito Intruders of 418 Squadron were the highest scoring RCAF unit of WW II. Arguably, they displayed some of the most elaborate and colorful nose art applied to this type. Unfortunately, there are still many questions that remain about the various nose art, fuselage code and s/n combinations on their aircraft. However, from photos and documents there are more answers in this new release.

These new decals are available directly from Aviaeology at their website. I am confident these markings will prove to be very popular and it is nice to see some 1/24th scale decals on the market. The markings are being printed in very limited quantities and given the popularity of the new Airfix kit they may sell out fast. I recommend these decals without hesitation and I believe they will make a welcome addition to your scale model.


Editor's Note:

There have been a number of credible and well-supported comments on HyperScale's Forums that the "Digital Silk" decals are stiff and unresponsive to setting agents, with the result that they will not conform to sharp contrours. panel lines and other surface detail.

It has been suggested that a better result may be obtained by dipping each decal in freshly boiled water.

Please note that only the nose art and door entry markings in this set are "Digital Silk". Codes and national markings are conventional silk screened decals, so this is not an issue with those markings.

Review Sample Compliments of Aviaeology


Review Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Mark Proulx
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Last updated 29 March, 2010

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