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Dirty Diana
F-16A MLU Fighting Falcon
Royal Netherlands Air Force 323 Sqn

60th Anniversary "Diana"
Summer & Winter schemes 2008 - 2009

Astra Decals, 1/144, 1/72 & 1/48 scales



Catalogue Number:

Astra Decals 1/72 & 1/48 Scale Decals
F-16A Fighting Falcon Royal Netherlands Air Force 323 Sqn
“Dirty Diana” Schemes


available in 1/144, 1/72 and 1/48 scales

Contents and Media:

Decal sheet and full colour instruction sheets in a resealable bag.


1/72nd scale ASD7219 - 8.50 Euro
1/48th scale ASD4819 - 12.50 Euro
1/144th scale ASD14419* - 4.50 Euro
All available online from Daco website

Review Type:



Attractive subjects; stencils included, full colour instructions, perfect register and minimum carrier film.



High quality marking options for stunning schemes available in a range of scales

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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F i r s t L o o k



Astra Decals a Daco products division has introduced a fine quality decal sheet depicting three schemes for 323 Sqn of the Royal Netherlands Air Force in the summer and winter 60th anniversary schemes “Diana” for 2008/9 Leeuwarden air show and the “Diana” scheme for the 2001 Leeuwarden air show for F-16A MLU Falcons. The decals are superbly printed with good colour saturation and excellent register. Carrier film is ultra thin and should snuggle down into the surface detail well. 



Markings are provided for 3 aircraft as follows

  • F-16A MLU Serial Number J-002 of No 323 Sqn painted for the 2001 Leeuwarden air show.  This aircraft has tail art of a cartoon version of Diana Goddess of the Hunt painted on the Port side of the tail and a silver medallion disk version painted on the starboard side.

  • F-16A MLU Serial Number J-881 of No 323 Sqn painted for the 60th anniversary and to be flown at the Leeuwarden air show.  For the summer version this aircraft has tail art of dark blue background and a digital photo of a scantily clad female model posing as “Diana goddess of the hunt”.  Due to the F16 not being allowed to be painted the tail art was developed as a digital adhesive sticker that could be easily applied or removed.  Unfortunately a high ranking officer from head quarters pulled the plug a week before the air show.  To represent the winter version the background is a lighter blue with snow flakes and the scantily clad model is now wearing a Santa Xmas coat.

The set includes all the data decals required to complete one aircraft and a complete set of adhesive reinforcing plates for the fuselage representing the structural mid life upgrade reinforcements.

This is a stunning sheet by Astra Decals.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Daco for the samples

Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Mick Evans
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Last updated 21 April, 2010

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