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Windsock Worldwide

Vol.26 No.1


S u m m a r y

Publisher and Title: Windsock Vol.26, No.1 - January - February 2010
Media: Soft cover, A4 format magazine
Price: 6.75 available online from Albatros Productions' website
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Superb colour profiles; step by step build of the latest WNW releases with full colour photographs and additional reference material; plenty of hints and tips to improve one’s modelling skills.
Conclusion: This is a magazine that specifically caters for modellers of World War One aircraft. It’s a special collector’s edition which focuses on the second release of 1:32 scale kits from Wingnut Wings. The bulk of this issue is devoted to building these fighters with the editor giving us a full report on each subject. Not forgotten is the usual comprehensive roundup of other recent releases and as such is the ideal reference source for aircraft enthusiasts.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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Modellers have been waiting anxiously for the second round of the Wingnut Wings releases…and finally they’re here.

What better way to get introduced to these kits than to follow a “build review” in the first Windsock issue of the year. Once again Ray Rimell takes on the challenge and these 4 new subjects are the main focus of Vol. 26 No. 1.

This all colour issue makes full use of its 40 pages. We start off with the “Readers’ Gallery” which is quickly followed by a précis of the latest WWI journals. Then it’s straight into the “meat” of the publication where the first aircraft tackled is the Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale Albatros D.V.

No less than 9 pages are devoted to this popular fighter. The text is informative, enlightening, and very easy to read. There are plenty of hints and tips on how to get the most out of this kit, with in-progress photos at every step of the way.

Complimenting all this are a selection of archive images and three superb colour profiles from Ronny Bar.

The next kit under the spotlight is the RFC version of the Sopwith Pup. Once again we get a thorough appraisal of this release with six pages describing the building of this machine. Every step is fully explained and the multitude of photographs helps the modeller get the best out of their chosen subject.

Similarly treated is the RNAS version of this classic British fighter as well as the attractive Albatros D.Va. More inspirational artwork from Ronny Bar presents itself with the subject now being the elegant Pup.

For those that require additional reference material, there are 26 close-up images of the sublime TVAL Albatros D.Va reproduction. These have been taken before the aircraft was covered and as such offer the reader a rare chance to see what’s under the skin. Airframe, cockpit, fuselage and radiator are the prime suspects here.

Thanks to the increased number of pages, the editor also finds room to include product reviews for other manufacturers. Pheon, Eduard, Roden, Encore, Amodel, and Aeroclub all get a mention, as does a gentleman that produces a range of resin upgrades for 1:32 scale kits, including the aforementioned WNW brand.

But you’ll have to buy this magazine to find out who!

Thanks to Albatros Productions for the review sample

Review Copyright 2009 by Rob Baumgartner
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Last updated 12 March, 2010

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