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Mark I. LTD, “Dozen Set”
Aero L-29 Delfin
Colours & Markings

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Catalogue Number:

??? & MKD720057


1/48, &1/72 (one scale per booklet)

Contents & Media:

1 x 28-page A-4 landscape format Booklet & Decals for 12 subjects


Available on-line from Hannants

Review Type:

First Look


Great for those who need a handy all-in-one reference and decal package, have several L-29 Delfin kits to build, or as a group buy. Would also appeal to decal collectors because of the very attractive high quality format.


Relatively expensive if all you want is decals for one or two models.


Excellent production quality, clear walk-around photos (all in colour) and decals for 12 attractive schemes to choose from that are supported by photo evidence.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The Aero L-29 Delfin was the most widely used jet trainer within the Eastern Bloc during the cold war years (with the exception of Poland), and over 3,600 were built.

I have previously reviewed several of Mark 1 Ltd’s “dozen set” Colours & Markings, so there were no surprises with one as it maintains the superb quality and clear format of previous issues.

The series includes decals in most of the popular scales for individual aircraft types. The format consists of a very nicely produced A4 landscape booklet and decals for a dozen different aircraft of the type covered. The booklet has an attractive front cover, whilst the rear cover has colour profiles of the 12 schemes covered by the colour plans and decals.


  • L-29 Delfin Book and Decal Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • L-29 Delfin Book and Decal Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • L-29 Delfin Book and Decal Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • L-29 Delfin Book and Decal Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • L-29 Delfin Book and Decal Review by Mark Davies: Image
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Inside consists of two pages dedicated to each of the 12 colour schemes. The first page for each set of markings has a photograph of the subject scheme and some brief notes concerning its background. Also on this same page are walk-around photos of a museum example and/or photos of service aircraft. The second page on each scheme has clearly printed and attractive 4-view colour plans. The last three pages of the book have clear colour close-up photos of the cockpit and wheel wells.

Of the 12 schemes offered two are for the Czech Republic Air Force, and two for the Czechoslovak Air Force (although one of these is in USAF markings as some L-29’s were used in a communist propaganda movie called “High Blue Wall” to simulate F-84 Thunderjets!) The remainder provides one subject each for the air forces of Slovakia, the Soviet union, the GDR (East Germany), Bulgarian Army, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq and Georgia.



The Slovak and Egyptian machines share the same camouflage scheme (they overhauled at the same time in Trencin), and the rest are finished in natural metal. However with options like the F-84E mimic, and some infrequently modelled national insignia like those of Georgina, Bulgaria and Indonesia, even these overall aluminium schemes have an interest value all of their own.

The quality and attractiveness of production of the “dozen set” is plain to see. It’s appeal and value will no doubt lie with those who want a simple all-in-one decals and reference package to finish their L-29 model. I suspect that decal collectors will also be tempted where this “deluxe” combination of decals, colour plans and photos. The package is not the cheapest solution to decaling your L-29 but to be fair the price is comparable to other premium presentations of decal packages.





Mark 1’s L-29 Delfin “dozen set” is an ideal solution for modellers who want an all-in-one reference and decals. They will be able to complete their Delfin kits in attractive schemes supported by photos, and may want to exploit the walk around to add more detail to their finished model.

Purchased by reviewer

Review Copyright 2010 by Mark Davies
Page Created 17 February, 2010
Last updated 20 May, 2010

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