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Allied Wings No. 10
Hawker Fury Part 1

by Alex Crawford & Phil H. Listemann


S u m m a r y

Title and Author Allied Wings No. 10
Hawker Fury Part 1
by Alex Crawford & Phil H. Listemann
ISBN: 978-2-9532544-5-7
Media & Contents: 48 pages in A5 format with a card cover, 0ver 40 black and white photos and 5 colour profiles.
Price: 14.50 available online from Philiedition's website
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Very important subject, easy to read text, clear photos, colour art-work by Malcolm Laird and includes the Fury Mk.1s use by South Africa.
Conclusion: Another small but interest packed volume from France and just at the right time.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

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Designed by Sydney Camm of Hurricane, Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury fame, the Hawker Fury Mk. I was the RAF’s first biplane fighter to cross the 200 mph mark. It utilised the Rolls Royce Kestrel motor that was the forerunner of the famous RR Merlin. Built by Hawker as a private venture under the name of Hawker Hornet, the Air Ministry had to take notice when it proved faster than the Hawker two seat bombers then just entering service which in turn were faster than the current fighter, the Bristol Bulldog, which had a top speed of 174 mph. Due to the Air Ministry having committed to the Bristol aircraft, there was insufficient funds for another fighter so relatively few Fury Mk.Is entered survice.

Having the same formula as the other Allied Wings books, 48 pages, A5 sized and card cover, it begins by describing the design and production of the aircraft followed by its use by the various Squadrons. This is interspersed with many high quality B&W photos, lists of Aircraft Deliveries, Loss by Accident and Time of Operational Use plus colour profiles of four aircraft by Malcolm Laird.

The second part of the book covers the use of the Hawker Fury Mk. I by the South African Air Force. This includes new material that has become available and make this the most up-to-date history when they fought the Italians in East Africa in 1940-41. Again, this includes many good B&W photos, lists of Claims, Aircraft Histories, Losses, one aircraft profile by Malcolm Laired and last of all, an Honour Roll for both RAF and SAAF.





Part 2 will obviously cover the Mk. II version of this aircraft and on the inside rear cover is a list of other titles in preparation. In the mean time, if you are building a Fury Mk. I, you could do a lot worse than this small but interesting and informative volume.

Thanks to Philedition for the review sample

Review Copyright 2010 by Glen Porter
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Last updated 4 January, 2009

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