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Lockheed Blackbird Family
Photo Scrapbook

by Tony R. Landis

Speciality Press

S u m m a r y





Media and Contents:

Softcover Portrait A4 with 127 pages including Hundreds of photos including over 100 new unseen b/w and Colour photos, Diagrams and text


$19.95 USD (plus $6.95 Shipping and Handling) available online from Specialty Press

Review Type:

First Read


Amazing collection of the Blackbird Family in Photos Diagrams and a brief History of this amazing Aircraft. Over 100 new and unseen images




 Highly Recommended –


Speciality Press


Reviewed by Al Bowie

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The Blackbird is one of those landmark designs and a very recognisable aircraft shrouded in a mystique it retained well into its retirement. This amazing aircraft had a long and varied career in a number of roles but is probably best known for its Strategic Reconnaissance role with the CIA and USAF. For 30 years this was and (probably still is) the only aircraft to travel at altitudes of more than 80,000 feet at speeds in excess of Mach Three.

This title is essentially a photo album of the Blackbirds career and is jammed packed with hundreds of crystal clear B&W and Colour images of all stages of development and operational life. The amount of photos and the subject matter is amazing considering the veil of secrecy that has surrounded the blackbird since it was first unveiled to the world in 1964. Over one hundred of these images have never been published before.
Tony Landis has done a remarkable job in compiling such a collection including 11 recently declassified CIA pictures. He jams these into 127 pages on high quality paper in six chapters covering:

  • Chapter 1 – The Beginning

  • Chapter 2 – A-12 CYGNUS: The CIA’s Oxcart

  • Chapter 3 – M-21 and D-21: Tagboard and Senior Bowl

  • Chapter 4 – YF-12: Advanced Manned Interceptor

  • Chapter 5 – SR 71 Blackbird Mach 3 Masterpiece

  • Chapter 6 – Ressurection and retirement: NASA and Det.2/9 RW

The research that has gone into this title becomes apparent from the opening pages and the author has the reader access to most facets of the development, systems and variants of the blackbird including the piggy back Drones. The result is outstanding and if you are a fan of the Blackbird then this is a bargain priced must have title. It is suited to aviation enthusiasts, fans of the Blackbird and modellers. About the only thing it doesn’t go into is the missions but given their nature that is not surprising

Highly Recommended and one of the best book bargains you will see

The book may be ordered calling Speciality Press at 1-800-895-4585 or at their website Speciality Press

Thanks to Speciality Press for the review sample

Review Copyright 2010 by Al Bowie
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