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Mirage IIIC Detail Set

S.B.S. Model, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number,
Description and

SBS Model Item No. 48014 - Mirage III C Detail Set



Price and Availability:

€22.00 available on-line from SBS Model's wesbite

Contents & Media

Eleven resin parts; photo-etched fret; acetate sheet.

Review Type:

First Look


Very highly detailed; cast to the highest standards; includes all parts for the cockpit and all three wheel wells.


No colour callouts in the instructions.


An excellent upgrade to the Edaurd and Hobby Boss Mirage III kits.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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SBS Model from Hungary has released a resin detail set for the Eduard and Hobby Boss 1/48 scale Mirage kits.

The set comprises eleven parts in grey coloured resin, one small fret of photo-etched parts and a printed acetate sheet for instruments.

The casting quality is first rate - in fact perfect on my sample. Detail is very crisp and cleverly done. The large casting blocks will need to be removed with a razor saw, but the blocks are well defined so there will be little risk of damaging the parts themselves.

The cockpit is made up of a main one-piece tub, instrument coaming and a seat, all in resin; plus photo-etched instrument panel and smaller details. The instruments themselves are printed onto a clear acetate sheet that forms the meat in the sandwich between the coaming and the p-e panel. Upper sidewalls are also supplied in resin.



All the resin parts are bristling with detail, especially the tub with its amazing wiring cast in place. The seat is cast with harness straps in place, realistic drape and crease in the cushions, and ejector pull rings as photo-etched add-ons.

Although the box is labeled "Cockpit Set", three beautifully detailed wheel wells are also included. Once again, detail is crisp and comprehensive. The main wheels wells are one-piece each, while the nose wheel well has one separate sidewall to box it it. The delicate raised wiring and chunky plumbing will look great on the finished model after a careful paint job and oil wash.



Instructions are quite straightforward. They are laid out over eight steps on a half A4 sheet. The only notable omission is colour callouts, so additional references will be handy.





This is the first product that I have seen from SBS Model, and I am suitably impressed. Casting quality is perfect, detail is excellent, and the parts are a big improvement over those in the respective kits.

The "Cockpit Set" label sells the product short, however. The replacement wheel wells are more than just a nice bonus.

If you are building either the Eduard or Hobby Boss 1/48 scale Mirage III kits, SBS's detail set will be a fantastic enhancement.

Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Brett Green
Page Created 3 February, 2010
Last updated 3 February, 2010

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