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Resin Correction Sets for Roden’s DH2 and Wingnut Wings SE5a

Pheon Models, 1/32 scale

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Catalogue Numbers:

Not numbered



Contents and Media:

Three separate resin correction sets:

  1. replacement propeller for Roden’s DH2
  2. replacement wicker seat for Roden’s DH2
  3. replacement fin and rudder set  for Wingnut Wings SE5a


Each set is GBP £6.00 available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk
Post & packing : £2.50 to European destinations and £2.80 to the rest of the world. Payment by Paypal.

Review Type:

First Look


Beautifully cast, perfect replacements



All three sets are major improvements over the kit parts, particularly in the case of the Roden DH2


Reviewed by James Fahey

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These resin mouldings are manufactured by master caster Brian Fawcett and are available at present from Pheon Models. This is a significant diversification for Pheon who up to now have specialised in decals for WWI aircraft. If these correction parts are well supported by the WWI modelling community, further resin parts are planned, possibly including the production of whole kits.

Brian Fawcett has a string of great resin castings to his credit including items for MDC, Aeroclub, Mastercasters and many others. Particular highlights have been the MDC Swordfish and Hawker Typhoon


DH2 replacement sets

Roden’s DH2 was released in April this year and has been generally well received, however the wicker seat and four blade prop are parts that really benefit from replacement for a realistic look, and are both relatively difficult to scratch build. The replacement items are perfect! The wicker is spot on and so much simpler than weaving your own (I know because I have made one for the 1/32 Wingnut Bristol F2B). The seat cushion has a lumpy ‘cushiony’ look to it and features some nice buttons that will paint up beautifully. It may prove suitable for other WWI aircraft as well.



Roden’s propeller has an odd cylindrical-looking round centre and unconvincing propeller bolts. The resin replacement part is a more accurate profile around the boss and includes the curved lines for the brass tips. Roden’s overscale rivets on the prop tips are NOT replicated – these are best represented by paint. 



The resin part comes in a circular sprue which helps to protect it in transit. With the glossy wood grain finish, the propeller is a prominent feature of any WWI aircraft, and the DH2 will certainly benefit from fitting this replacement.


SE5a Rudder & Fin Replacement Set

The Wingnut SE5a has been enormously popular with modellers around the world and there is really very little to find fault with. Wingnut’s rib stitching and tapes are very nicely done so it is inexplicable that this detail was omitted from the fin and rudder – the kit parts are quite smooth and featureless.



Again, these resin parts are perfect replacements and the rib stitching and tapes are in exactly the same style as the other flying surfaces and perfectly sized. The rigging holes and hinges are replicated exactly as on the kit parts.



All three sets are available now by mail order directly from Pheon: mailto:pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk.

Thanks to Pheon Models and Brian Fawcett for the review samples

available from pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

Text and Images Copyright 2010 by James Fahey
Page Created 18 January, 2010
Last updated 19 January, 2010

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