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Harrier GR.3
Cockpit & Exhaust Nozzle Detail Sets

Heritage Aviation Models,1/48 scale

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Description and Price:

Harrier Gr.3 Resin Cockpit for Airfix kit
Available on-line from Heritage Aviation Models ltd for £5.50 .

Harrier Gr.3 Resin for Airfix or Hobbycraft kits
Available on-line from  Heritage Aviation Models ltd for £3.50



Contents & Media:

Cockpit set has 3 x resin parts and 4 x resin exhaust nozzles

Review Type:

First Look


The cockpit set is a definite improvement on the kit item, and would look good painted up. The nozzles improve on the shape of the kit parts.


The cockpit set has no sidewall detail included, and the nozzles are lacking in detail and finesse.


Attractively priced sets that improve on the kit items. The nozzles are beneficial but could be better, and  the cockpit set is a good addition to any 1/48 Airfix Harrier GR.3 model, even if not quite state of the art.


Reviewed by Mark Davies

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Heritage Aviation Models (HAM) is an established producer of resin detail sets, conversions and kits of mainly British subjects, often filling important gaps in terms of what’s available.

Both sets come in sturdy acetate blister packs, with the contents in polythene bags. No instructions are included, which means in the case of the cockpit set the modeller will need to research painting details, especially for the ejection seat. No mention is made on the packaging as to the kits the parts are intended to improve, but this guidance is provided on the HAM website.


  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
  • Heritage Aviation Harrier Gr.3 Cockpit and Exhausts: Image
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The cockpit set is far better than the kit parts, but I feel it falls a little short of the standards set for 1/48 scale cockpits by the best Czech producers. The seat detail’s quite good although hard to see in the photos. The Harrier does not have much on the sidewalls of the cockpit tub, but a check of photos will show a few bits missing but these can be scratch-built if wished, and likewise for the instrument panel which lacks the sight and prominent pad at the top. There is no sidewall detail, so this set is more suited to a closed canopy situation where this absence will not be too apparent. However for the price the set probably offers quite good value as an improvement on the kit.

According to HAM’s website the engine nozzles provide an improved shape over the kit items (presumably they feel this applies to both brands of Harrier kits they mention). I don’t have 1/48 scale Harriers but have looked at Internet sprue shots and have access to many good shots of Harrier GR.3 nozzles. Whilst HAM’s nozzles do improve on the kit examples they fail to resemble the real thing as much as they could in this scale given the medium they are cast in. They lack the subtle shape of the originals, the thinness of section, completely lack the small but noticeable pressed ridges on the exterior of the sides of the nozzles, and are missing some detail on the vanes. (I should mention that the pressings are more noticeable in some photos than others, so there may have been a slight variation in nozzle fitments.)



Regardless of this HAM’s nozzles look slightly clunky and a bit messy inside the vanes, and are not as deep or clean as would be ideal. However, for the price they might appeal to those who simply want to improve on the kit nozzles.





The exhaust nozzles really could have made a better job of exploiting the finesse of resin and are missing some important external detail. They do however offer a quick trouble free solution to improving on the kit parts.

The cockpit set is quite good, and will lift the Airfix kit without doubt.

Thanks to Heritage Aviation Models ltd for the review sample

Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Mark Davies
Page Created 3 May, 2010
Last updated 4 May, 2010

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