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Supermarine Seafire Mk.III
Multimedia Conversion

for Hasegawa's 1/32 Mk.I/II or Vb

Grey Matter Aviation, 1/32 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No., Description & Price

Grey Matter Aviation Item No. GMAA3212 - Seafire Mk.III
£25.99 available online via Grey Matter's website

Contents and Media: 34 parts in grey resin; photo-etched fret
Scale: 1/32 scale
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent quality casting; fine surface detail; hollowed-out exhaust stacks; separate A-Hook assembly and well; includes instructions with text description and drawings by Vasco Barbic.
Disadvantages: Some filling and rescribing required for "C" wing; BYO decals.
Conclusion: A high quality conversion for relatively experienced modellers featuring state-of-the-art casting to deliver an important member of the Seafire family in 1/32 scale.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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The Supermarine Seafire Mk.III was the first truly carrier-ready development of Spitfire family. It was based on the Spitfire Mk.Vc, with manually folding wings, chin-mounted Aero-Vee intake, six-stack exhausts and four bladed propeller assembly. Similar to its predecessors, the Mk.III was also fitted with catapult spools and an A-Hook arrestor assembly.

Despite the increasing popularity of 1/32 scale, we are yet to see a large-scale Seafire Mk.III straight from the box. Fortunately for fans of British WWII naval airpower, Grey Matter Aviatiion from the UK has now released a 1/32 scale multimedia Seafire Mk.III conversion.

Grey Matter's Seafire Mk.III conversion comprises 34 parts in grey resin plus a fret of photo-etched parts. The resin is superbly cast and beautifully detailed. The quality is reminiscent of MDC.



These resin components include a replacement chin with the Aero-Vee filter cast in place; two sets of six-stack exhausts (each hollowed out with weld beads present and accounted for), a four-blade propeller and spinner assembly, a standalone bay for the A-Hook and the arrestor assembly itself, new undercarriage covers and main wheels with covered hubs, elevators, radiator, catapult spools, IFF rods, top blisters for the C Wing and Hispano gun barrels (hollowed out at the muzzle).



The modest but important photo-etched fret supplies the fuselage reinforcing strips, rear spigot reinforcing plates, and front lifting spigot plate.



Instructions are supplied on three A4 sheets with text description of the assembly sequence and labelled drawings by Vasco Barbic. The text is brief, so plenty of measuring and test fitting will be advisable before committing to knife, saw or glue.

Grey Matter suggests either the Hasegawa / Revell 1/32 scale Mk.I/II kit (not the 1960s vintage Revell kit though!) or the Mk.Vb kit as the donor model. I would advise the Mk.I/II, as the new wing with recessed panel lines and without the "B" wing bulges will be easier to adapt.

There is some cutting of the donor kit required for this conversion, making it best suited to modellers who are confident working with resin. The main surgery will be preparing the lower rear fuselage for installation of the Arrestor Hook bay, but the modeller is also required to reconfigure the wing panels to folding "C" wing standards. For those who do not want to fill and rescribe, a Seafire wing conversion is available separately from Grey Matter Aviation. Decals are not included, so you will have to source your own markings.

Grey Matter Aviation's 1/32 scale Seafire Mk.III conversion will be welcomed by WWII FAA fans. Casting quality is first-rate, and detail of the supplied parts is excellent. Take your time with preparation and test-fitting, and you will have an attractive replica of the most numerous variant of the Seafire family on your display shelves.

Thanks to Grey Matter Aviation for the sample.

Review Text, Images Copyright 2010 by Brett Green
Page Created 4 May, 2010
Last updated 5 May, 2010

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