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Canberra T.22
Resin Conversion and Decals

for Airfix

Alley Cat, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue No., Description & Price

Alley Cat Models Kit No AC 48017C - Canberra T.22 Conversion
£22.00 available online via A2Zee Models' website

Contents and Media: Resin conversion parts plus decals. See details below
Scale: 1/48 scale
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Will deliver a different look for your Canberra; excellent quality casting; fine surface detail; includes decal options for a one-stop conversion project.
Conclusion: An interesting way to customise your Airfix Canberra


Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Alley Cat has released a nice line of resin sets to convert kits to display esoteric research and experimental models of the aircraft variant.  This review covers the last of three conversions for the Canberra based on the basic Airfix 1/48 scale kit. 

The resin parts are crisply cast and beautifully detailed and no air bubbles are apparent in the castings. 



The clear resin canopies are excellent, crystal clear and no apparent air bubbles and most of all no shrinkage or warping as I have seen in other clear resin parts from other manufacturers.

Canberra T.22 Conversion AC48017C

The Canberra T.22 was a conversion of seven PR 7 aircraft for the Royal Navy's Fleet Requirement and Air Direction Unit, used for training Buccaneer navigators.  This set has a replacement canopy cast in clear resin and 4 parts cast in solid resin including a fuselage extension to be fitted between the bomb bay and cockpit, a new rear lower fuselage reconnaissance section and a Buccaneer radar nose replacement.  The canopy replacement part contains the entire area covering the navigator’s position.

This set has a corrected canopy cast in clear resin and a new solid resin nose replacement.  The canopy replacement part contains the entire area covering the navigator’s position and the windscreen contains one clear vision port. 



The Airfix kit will require some extensive surgery to install the conversion but all surgery is performed along existing panel line and the supplied drawings clearly show the areas to be cut.
Markings are provided for all seven aircraft as follows:

  • WH780 (853), WH801 (850), WH 797 (851) WH803 (856), WT510 (854), WT525 (855) and WT 835 (852) of FRADU in overall BS381C:627 Light Aircraft Grey lower surfaces with Orange Daglo fuselage and wing stripes.

  • WT510 in the prototype scheme of overall zinc chromate primer.

The decals are printed by Fantasy Print Shop and are crisp, accurate in colour and in register. 



They look to be very thin and should conform well to the surface detail, but they will have to be handled carefully.

Thanks to A2Zee Models for the review sample

Alley Cat and FAA Models' accessories are available from A2Zee Models  website

Review Text Copyright © 2010 by Mick Evans
Images Copyright 2010 by Brett Green
Page Created 10 March, 2010
Last updated 10 March, 2010

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